Be Patient With Yourself :018

Be Patient with Yourself, easier said than done, right?

My dad used to tell me this when I was frustrated with how life wasn’t working out; more accurately, how I couldn’t get my life to be the way I wanted it to be. At that time I only had worries about making grades in school or handling bullies, but they were good lessons that I took with me.

Later this advice came back to me as I dealt with health issues. I pushed so hard to make my body heal. I later realized that this was hindering my health and healing.

Don’t be so hard on yourself.

I wanted results. I wanted to be better. In looking back, ultimately I wanted to feel good about me! I yearned for approval from others. Now I know, that I also needed self-approval.

Self-approval happens in an instant. It’s a change in mindset. I could have given myself the approval I desired so deeply, any time I wanted.

I had overcome the physical aspects of anorexia, but I still starved myself emotionally.

I was stingy with self-love and self-care, because my standards were so stringent and high.


Be patient with yourself… the words somehow came back to me.

You may never meet “their” standards, but you can always cultivate self-approval. You know the truth. You know how hard you have worked. You know that all great things take time. Self-healing is a journey, it’s not a linear process.

Give yourself permission to feel good, even about the smallest things. Celebrate small accomplishments. Know that you’re on your way to achieving the big goals, rather than being hard on yourself and chastising yourself for not meeting the big goals in an unreasonable time period.

I see and experience now that the journey I am on is so much more enjoyable just by simply celebrating my small achievements.

No longer do I put unreasonable burdens on myself, filling my backpack with all the tools they say I need. Nor do I visit all the stops they say I must.

Look up, enjoy the view and the journey. Celebrate the accomplishment of each small step!

Know that even long, toiling roads eventually lead somewhere. Perhaps invite a buddy to share in the journey.

Sing in the rain. Stomp in the puddles. Lean into the wind. Listen for the messages in the long, dark, quiet nights.


Be Patient, but also…

Keep going

Keep patiently waiting if necessary

Have faith

Follow your instincts

Stay focused

Do your best

Let go

…and most of all, have fun!