Your Body is a Messenger :025

Your Body is a Messenger, but not Just any Messenger

Your body is your specific, personally issued messenger! You have yours, others have theirs.

Your body is always communicating to you.

Listen to what it has to say.


It starts with whispers…

“Feed me.” “I need water.” “Don’t consume that again.” or “I want more of that.”


If we cannot hear, or we ignore the whispers, the messages from our body become more firm, and the physical signs more obvious…

“I cannot take that in!”  I cannot handle any more of that!” “Get me out of this situation!”

…you may find the body actually preventing you from taking in foods, or moving in unusual and uncomfortable ways to prevent you from causing more harm.


Lastly, the body cries out. We reach a crisis point.

The body may become injured. Disease may manifest. Things get out of our control.

For your body, it was never about control. The body doesn’t want to do battle. It doesn’t want to struggle with you. It just needs you to listen, so you can live in harmony.


Your body is not an object… it is your constant companion.

Listen, hear and fulfill the requests for water and clean, whole foods.

Respond when it says in the many ways that it can, “Let’s go!” “Let’s move!” or, “This form of exercise does not benefit us. This may work for Jenny, but it does not work for me!”

Listen with your heart when it says “I cannot endure this any longer.”


You are dependent on one another

Despite what disease or ailment you’re experiencing, even if it seems like your body is trying to hurt you… it’s not.

There are messages and lessons everywhere in life. Your body will relay many of these messages! Learn the lessons coming through your body! The sooner the better.


Work with your body, not on it.


Listen to your body’s messages; it’s trying to help you!