Body-typing: Ancient Wisdom to Balance Mind, Body and Spirit :064

Body-typing is Tara’s interpretation and integration of the ancient wisdom of using constitutional analysis to understand oneself more deeply

… and therefore gain awareness of how our own personal attributes can be used in the most productive way in order to create more peace with ourselves and with others. Tara Baklund, founder and creator of the Weight Free Wellness blog and podcast, teaches listeners how body-typing can be used to holistically find mind-body-spirit balance within, with others, and with the world. Tara shares wisdom that she gained during her healing journey, and how her struggles ultimately led her to use technology as a means of spreading a true holistic approach to wellness with others worldwide. Listeners will gain both philosophical and practical insight on how to use body-typing to cultivate more balance in all areas of their lives, including self-acceptance, food choices, relationship dynamics, and more.

In this podcast, Tara discusses:

  • The mission of the Weight Free Wellness podcast, and how technology can be used to more efficiently spread the word of wellness throughout the world
  • The meaning behind the title “Weight Free Wellness”, and how a mind-shift away from weight as a metric of health is crucial to the wellness movement
  • Why it’s important to “learn to live with our bodies rather than in them”
  • How “healing can and does happen in an instant”
  • How the spirit in which we approach healing greatly determines the success of our healing journey
  • How do use the ancient wisdom of body typing to find a balanced interaction with ourselves and with others at all levels of existence: mind, body, and spirit
  • To take Tara’s body-typing quiz to find out your unique body type and get a free e-course on how to use body-typing in your life.
  • To dive deeper into learning the skills in using your personal body-type to improve your self-understanding, food choices, relationships, and even decorating choices, you can purchase Tara’s body-typing book, You-niversal Self-Care: Improved Health Through Self-Understanding,  “A body love story.”


Contributing Podcaster, Lori Rose, PhD’s teaches

“Everything You Need to Know About Sun Health” 

Demo, e-booklet + 3 Recipes!

How much sun is ok?

What about kids?


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Learn more here.


About Tara

Tara BaklundTara Baklund is the founder and director of the Weight Free Wellness® Podcast platform. Her history of life-altering health issues lead her to seek natural solutions. Seeing others experience similar painful skin issues, disturbing digestive diseases, eating disorders and the mental and emotional disturbances that accompany these issues – Tara became deeply motivated to share what she learned from her journey to help others. Her book, You-niversal Self-care: Improved Health Through Self-Understanding tells her story. The book has been called, “A body love story” as it shares how we can stop the relationship of suffering so many have with their bodies and learn to love and appreciate it – and to find balance in the foods, exercises and habits that each Body-type desires. The Weight Free Wellness® Podcast is how Tara fulfills her calling of helping and inspiring others by sharing her message, continuing to learn from others and sharing stories of health and healing through podcasts as well as online classes along with the Weight Free Wellness® Contributing Podcasters. Tara is available for speaking engagements, interviews and consultations. Contact her and take the Body-typing Quiz at WeightFreeWellness.com

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What is Acupuncture, Really? with Michael Max of the Everyday Acupuncture Podcast :059

The Acupuncturist who doesn’t like needles… helps Dispel some Acupuncture Myths

My guest, acupuncturist and podcast host, Michael Max joins me to clarify what acupuncture is, and what it isn’t. Michael decided to study acupuncture, despite having a successful career in the technology industry, because of the dramatic effect it had on his chronic respiratory issues. What makes his story even more unique is that he doesn’t like needles… Watch, Listen, Enjoy!


Here’s what we talked about:

  • How chronic respiratory issues prompted this successful, former high tech. person to study and become an Acupuncturist (who doesn’t like needles)
  • How does Acupuncture work?
  • Are the needles like the needles we know from getting a vaccination?
  • Is Acupuncture woo-woo or science?
  • Do you have to believe in Acupuncture or understand it for it to work?
  • Does it work for everyone? Will it work right away?
  • How to find a reputable practitioner.
  • Which herbal remedies are the best?
  • Other than in California that has its own exam, look for the NCCAOM qualification which is a national exam and requires 3 years of training.
  • Does it hurt?
  • The common myths about Acupuncture
  • Do certain people or conditions respond quicker or better? (eg. digestion, anxiety, fertility)
  • About the Everyday Acupuncture Podcast
  • We know that sugar is bad… but what about fruit?
  • Book – Good Calories, Bad Calories
  • Examples of what Michael puts in his morning shakes: kale, apple, nut butter, herbs, turmeric, spirulina, collard greens, water (no ice – and why – especially if you have issues with your menstrual cycle or digestion)


Acupuncture - Weight Free Wellness


About Michael Max

michael-max-BWHello, I’m Michael Max.

I’ve been a student of acupuncture and Chinese medicine for going on 20 years now. It began as a curiosity as to how a few needles could not only resolve a stubborn health condition I’d had since childhood, but also improve my digestion, quality of sleep and mood. This lead me first to acupuncture school, and then Asia where I worked my way through the gate of Chinese language so I could study with doctors there. Today my work is informed by my clinical practice, the materials I read in Chinese from doctors of centuries past, and the teachers of our modern times who synthesize observations of the past with the challenges of the present.

I am the host of The Everyday Acupuncture podcast. It is a way to capture that clinically honed wisdom and share it with the world through the increasingly popular media stream of podcasting.

These podcasts run between 45-60 minutes. You can tune in at any time to the shows you are interested in learning more about. And unlike radio, you can listen at your convenience to the shows that are of interest to you.

Everyday Acupuncture is here to educate, entertain, give practical advice, inspire and encourage actionable change that assists you in improving your wellbeing. And all without requiring you to understand a lick of Chinese!

Check out the Everyday Acupuncture Podcast!

and Michael’s Clinic Website 



Natural Hangover Prevention and Remedies :054

Hangover as the Topic of a Wellness Site?


Natural Hangover Prevention and Remedies - For St. Patrick's Day or Any Party Day!

Of course!

We all know that drinking too much (and some would say, taking in alcohol at all) is not a healthy practice.

For many people, there will be that occasion that we do enjoy an alcoholic drink – and sometimes a bit too much!

A hangover is a significant sign that your body is toxic (in-tox-icated). Detoxifying is a specialty in the natural healthy realm…

So, here are some solutions that  you can use to support your body before imbibing, during the festivities and for recovery!


These tips are general health practices that can be used every day and can generally improve health. A more optimally functioning body can generally handle a heavier toxin load. Yes, alcohol is a toxin which is why when you have too much you are in-tox-i-cated!

  • Drink plenty of clean water. Seek spring water ideally that does not come from plastic bottles. Filter your water through a Berkey system (make sure to use the fluoride filters if you have city water) and don’t drink tap water! Drink at least one half of your body weight in ounces of water per day (ex. 150 pound person needs 75 ounces of water per day – about half a gallon!). If you are working out or you know you’ll be having too much alcohol, drink more!
  • Take cleansing a nutritive supplements like ChlorOxygen® (made from nettles), chlorella and/or spirulina. The latter two in particular are more like food supplements, providing lots of vital nutrients and plant protein. They help the body to naturally cleanse and detoxify. Each act a bit differently, so test them according to the package directions for your own body. Chlorella has been shown to reduce fasting blood glucose levels – which could indicate its ability to aid in re-regulating blood glucose after high sugar consumption with alcohol.  ChlorOxygen® – If you need natural green food coloring,  ChlorOxygen® should do the trick! This product is made from nettles which are naturally cleansing to the body and nourishing – particular for boosting red blood cells. In this form it acts like medicinal food. Like I said, these act more like medicinal foods, but always check with your pharmacist for any potential reactions with medications.
  • Eat! – Most people think you should eat carbs like bread to “soak up” the alcohol (and at a certain level something is better than nothing) but eating protein, fat and complex carbs (read: leafy veggies!) will fill your belly and pre-stabilize your blood sugars so you won’t feel so many of the consequences later. In the old days in the US (and still in some rural areas) and still in Old World pubs you will see proteinaceous foods like peanuts, pickled pigs feet and pickled eggs available to snack on. Sounds like some good fat and protein to balance out all that sugar-laden alcohol to me! Chicken wings anyone!?


  • Pace Yourself! Go in with a game plan. Know who your antagonist friends are who will challenge you to drink. Perhaps create a counter challenge for yourself to not give in to their coercing.
  • Avoid the green! Foods with artificial food dyes come with advisory labels in the European Union, if they are not entirely banned. The warnings link these colorful additives to hyperactivity in children – indicating their ability to alter brain chemistry. Use  ChlorOxygen® for a natural colorant.
  • Alternate with water – There is a particular pace to party drinking and it’s so easy to get caught up in the wave. Make every other drink a glass of water. You’re more likely to stay in that “happy, fun” drunken state more of the night and hopefully avoid black-out or pass-out mode… and worse… the resulting hangover!


  • Follow any of the above tips!
  • Green drinks and shakes – No, not the ones you enjoyed the night before… take a wheat grass shot (if you can keep it down) or make a blended drink.
  • Sparkling water and lemon – Let’s face it, simply taking in water may be challenging to keep down at this phase of the game. Try some sparking water with lemon or lime or even crushed sprigs of mint which all are refreshing and naturally support the liver.
  • Epsom salt bath – water! I don’t know about you but when I’ve enjoyed too many drinks the night before I feel parched, but simultaneously cannot stand water!- and I normally drink water like it’s going out of style! Soak it up! Draw a bath and add some epsom salts (to replenish your minerals/electrolytes) – especially if you’ve had a meeting with the porcelain god… A cooler bath might feel nice.
  • Turmeric – Once you can keep something down load up on anti inflammatory supplements like turmeric. You can find this (and many of the other suggestions here) at your local health food store. Check the supplement section for natural headache relievers with turmeric.
  • Spoil your body with healthy foods for the next several days! Eat lots of greens and healthy fats and proteins to get your blood sugars back on track.


Which Body-type Drinking Habit do you have?

Earth-types are true social drinkers. They love being around friends and family and may never drink otherwise, unless they are overcome with sadness. Prone to falling into deep depression Earth-types need to stay on the happy, active side of life.

Fire-types can be Guinness Book of World Records competitive drinkers… get it 😉 Really, this type of person feels it’s their duty to live life to the fullest and party like… well… I’ll let you fill in that blank. This type is also the one who will initiate drinking contests and keep an active pace throughout the nice. These are also the types that when drinking gets out of hand are staunchly dry. They know that one drop can lead them down the rabbit hole.

Air-types enjoy the mental break that alcohol and bring them. Air-types are naturally very slight, through, and therefor cannot handle large amounts of alcohol

Water-types are similar to Earth-types in they enjoy socializing with the people they care about. This clearly can tip them towards being the social-drinker type. Like the Earth-type the Water-type should keep a watchful eye on oneself to monitor that they are not drinking to mask feelings. The Earth and Water-types are emotional by nature and can turn to alcohol or drugs to manage intense emotions.


Wishing you well and be safe! <3 Tara

Clearly you can see that I’m not one to lecture on the cons of drinking. I enjoy a glass or two or sometimes… from time to time also. I do recognize the harm I am causing myself and make a point of treating my body extra good leading up to and following a festive occasion. I believe that heavy drinking binges and regular meditate drinking will be linked to conditions like dementia and Alzheimers some day – similar to how cigarettes have been linked to cancers. (This is not based on any formal study, this is an intuitive and observational hunch.) Let’s enjoy life but also do our best to support our bodies!




Herbalist Matthew Wood :050

In this interview herbalist Matthew Wood shares his journey to becoming a master herbalist

Matthew is so passionate about plants, teaching and otherwise sharing his knowledge that we rarely get to here about him; how he was lead to and became an herbalist! He was gracious to spend some time for this interview and to share what is a challenging topic for him to cover, himself!

Of Course, Matthew does talk about herbs… he just can’t help it!


“I was imbued with that foreign spirit…” – Matthew Wood

“Plants are reference points for consciousness.” – Matthew Wood

Matthew shares:

  • Learning from the Indians
  • Studying in Scotland
  • About the Seminole Indians
  • Yarrow – Achillea millefolium
  • English is a language of commerce
  • Being raised Quaker “Follow your inner light, what works for you.”
  • Being too shy to tell counselors he wanted to be a botanist
  • Studying at the University of Minnesota – graduating with a history degree after 14 years
  • “You really understand [the essence of] that plant, so you get an A.”
  • What he gained from formal training
  • Organic chemistry and alchemy
  • Receiving the “Mantel of Authority and Responsibility”
  • The experience of receiving the “Medical Degree from Mother Nature”
  • Chinese Medicine philosophy (a taste)
  • Yellow Jessamine – Gelsemium sempervirens
  • Do plants from our native region more helpful to us?
  • Herbal trade history
  • Black cohosh – Actaea racemosa
  • Do you need to have a “degree from the plant realm” to be an herbalist?
  • Plantain – Plantago major
  • A confidence boosting message for new herbalists!
  • How to speak and understand like an herbalist
  • The spirit and soul world… more to come!


“You can be a master from day one, you just need to know what one herb does reliably.” 

– Matthew Wood



About Matthew Wood

“A Real Live Herbalist” 

Matthew Wood has been a practicing herbalist since 1982. In a period when many authors and lecturers are merely “arm chair herbalists” who offer theories and opinions based on book learning, and others have turned to the exotic traditions of India or China, he has been an active practitioner of traditional Western herbalism. He has helped tens of thousands of clients over the years, with many difficult health problems. While Matthew believes in the virtue of many other healing modalities, he has always been inspired to learn, preserve, and practice the tradition of herbal medicine descending to us from our European, Anglo-American, and Native American heritage. He is a member of the American Herbalists Guild (registered herbalist) and has earned his Masters of Science degree from the Scottish School of Herbal Medicine (accredited by the University of Wales). Visit Matthew’s Website here



You are Not a Body-type :042

You are not a Body-type

In my last post I explained what Body-typing IS, in this post I will describe what it IS NOT.

Body-typing identifies patterns. It’s a way of describing. It’s not a label. 

I help people understand their Body-type tendencies so they can break non-helpful habits, and adopt new ones that help them feel balanced.

You have Body-type tendencies, but you are not a Body-type. Just like you may have a disease occurring in your body, but you are not the disease.

Whether it’s your Body-type or a disease it’s wise to refrain from saying “I am this Body-type.” or “I have this disease.”

Former medical school professor and early cell cloning scientist, Bruce Lipton Ph.D. wrote an enlightening book called, The Biology of Belief, describing how the environment influences cellular growth. Experiments showed that even the thoughts of those conducting the experiment would influence the physical outcome of cells. He draws the conclusion that how we think indeed does influence our physical condition. What you think, you become.

This is why I emphasize to be very careful what you say you ARE or HAVE; even something as seemingly innocuous as Body-typing. This is the most challenging aspect of Body-tying to teach. Part of this has to do with the English language.



In some other languages, there are different versions of the verb “to be“. In English we say “I am happy. You are happy. She is happy.” These are examples of the verb “to be” conjugated for I, you and she. But it’s not the fancy conjugation that I’m trying to point out, it’s this: being happy is a temporary state.

For example, if you say in English “I am a woman. You are a woman. She is a woman.” You are using the same verb “to be” and the same conjugations for I, you and she; but being a woman is a biological state that is a permanent condition, as opposed to the temporary state of being happy (current transgender topics aside).

Another way to look at it is the difference between “you are” (temporary state like being happy or sad) or “you ARE” permanent state (like being a man or woman, or where you ARE originally from/where you were born).

If you know Spanish or Portuguese for example, the “to be/are” is “estar” and “to be/ARE” is “ser”.

Similarly, the verb “to have” is a strong linking word like the word we just made-up “ARE”.



Which Body-type you “are” or “ARE”. Why does it matter?

This is more of a philosophical question.

When a person is first seeking to discover solutions to a problem, it seems to help to identify, to label, to have a name for the ailment.

  • “I have Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis which explains my uncontrollable weight problem.”
  • “My wife is a narcissist who will not seek help with me, which is why I cannot be with her anymore.”

When you’re going through troubling times, it feels good to identify the problem and name it. It’s like you’ve been on a long, troublesome hunt and you finally caught the game or found a prized patch of mushrooms after the tiresome search.


The problem is that when you label it, you are stuck with it

When it comes to the health and wellness journey, many of us (especially if you are reading this) are seeking improvement.

As I’ve mentioned in other blogs and podcasts, our thoughts and intentions are very powerful. They are so powerful that our thoughts and intentions can dictate what happens in our lives. (See The Biology of Belief)

The Body-type elements are not meant to be used like labels for diseases. Indeed, I think one should be careful about even labeling themselves with a disease or ailment, but this is for another podcast.


Body-typing is not meant for labeling, it’s a tool.

Like any other tool, you use a tool when it’s helpful, and you pick up and use another tool for another situation. You use the tool, but you are not the tool. The relationship between you and the tool is temporary, as in, “are” not “ARE“.


Getting around language

In the English language there really is no way around it. I am still faced with writing, saying, and asking, “Find out which Body-type you are!”

And at the same time I want to emphasize that while you may experience signs of your primary Body-type your whole life – it’s not a sentencing… things can change.


Change is important

Change is scary to most of us most of the time; more than you may think! Don’t think so? What’s your absolute favorite product for your hair or skin for example. What if the company decided to reformulate. Don’t freak out, they’ll still make the product, they’re just going to tweak it a bit. Yikes, right!? And that’s something relatively minor. Our attachment to the little things illustrates how attached we are to the big things.

But change is important. Without change our lives become stagnant, boring and bit by bit we die.

Bits of us die each day. That’s ok and even good, but we must also renew!


Why you should be more than BE

I know there is so much desire and teaching these days on how to BE; that is, be authentic, to BE YOU!

Let me share something with you, you already ARE YOU! This is a given!

What’s getting in the way is all the little “be’s” and “to be’s” and “are’s” and “am’s” getting in the way of you BEING YOU!

If you mistake yourself for BEING a Body-type rather than just observing your temporary state, you mask, you cloud your TRUE state of BEING… YOU!

Be mindful of what is around you and what IS YOU.

Body-typing is this journey of taking perspective of yourself outside of yourself.


Be flexible and make space to change.

Very little is permanent in this life.

Just like the tree you go through seasons, storms, ailments and regeneration.

Be mindful of what you consider to be permanent, especially diseased or ailing states. Instead of “I have such and such disease.” Say, “I am experiencing this right now, but it can change at any time.” Or, once I am familiar with an audience I will say, “I show signs of this Body-type (right now, usually, etc.) rather than “I am” or “You are” this Body-type.”


 Plain and Simple

Body-typing is a tool. You are not the tool. The tool helps you to gain perspective of yourself to, identify patterns that help you to feel balanced, and those that work against you. You are the sum of your thoughts -so be very mindful of what you think and say. Body-typing is a concept, a way of thinking, to help you gain a helpful perspective on yourself.

You are not a Body-type, but you can think Body-typing.


Learn more:

Take the Body-type Quiz in the right sidebar

Learn more about the foods, exercises and habits that help each Body-type feel more balanced in my book

You-niversal Self-care

Also, check out more blogs and podcasts with Body-typing insights in the archive in the right sidebar.


What is Body-typing? :041

Body-typing and Body-types have existed for thousands of years

Traditionally, this ancient art was used to identify patterns. Observing common and uncommon patterns practitioners could identify which ailments and even the diseases that a person was more prone to and which of many remedies would be best suited for this particular type of person.

Body-typing can be used for many things, but on this site and in my book, You-niversal Self-care: Improved Health Through Self-Understanding I focus on using Body-typing for health and in relationships.

How Body-typing Helps

I discovered Body-typing for myself over a decade ago. At this time I was still forcing my body to make changes that I thought were necessary for my healing path. Learning about Body-typing helped me to understand that I needed to work with my body, not work on it. We are all unique, but we can identify patterns to help understand our situations.

To me, Body-typing is a tool that helps me get out of myself; it helps me get out of my head and into a more wise way of thinking.

Recall a time when you have had a serious life problem and you went to a very good friend, or someone you trust for advice. This person listens, and then begins to share a new perspective on how to look at your situation. This simple change of perspective, getting outside of yourself, opens up a whole new world of solutions that you never saw. Body-typing is a tool to help us gain perspective. This is how I use and teach Body-typing.

I’m absolutely fascinated by ancient studies of Body-typing, metaphor and archetypes; but I still found these ancient ways of thinking challenging to grasp.

This is why I teach Body-typing simply, using the four Elements: Earth, Fire, Air and Water.

We can all relate to these elements and while we may have slightly varying experiences about how we interpret these Elements, for the most part we can agree on what they mean. In other words, I wanted to simplify things. You will understand why in the next section.


A Brief History of Body-typing

What I call Body-typing, is found in many ancient cultures throughout the world.

Traditional Chinese Medicine

Traditional Chinese Medicine has existed for over two thousand years. Treating people with herbs, acupuncture, massage, lifestyle guidance and more, Chinese practitioner also use the elements to represent these patterns beginning with Yin and Yang. From there, the types branch into: Earth, Fire, Water, Wood and Metal. It’s a highly enlightening and dynamic system, but very challenging to grasp with the western mind. My teaching is a good introduction to this ancient and complex system.

Ayurvedic Medicine

Similarly, Ayurvedic Medicine is a form of medicine practiced in India and now more widely throughout the world. It includes many of the aspects as Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) although in its own very unique way. Ayurveda traditionally includes even some surgery. Ayurveda also has a complex system of understand how the elements and other principles (like moisture or timing) interact. Their system of Body-typing is called the Doshas of which there are Vata, Pitta and Kapha which each are a combination of the elements. Again, for the simplicity of language and therefor overall understanding, I use the four Elements.

Greek Humours

The ancient Greeks used Body-typing as the four Elements also called the Humours. Again, this system of thinking seemed to pop up around the same time as the Indian’s and Chinese’s. This system is very different and unique using colors and types of bodily fluids like blood, bile and phlegm to identify patterns, but there are remarkable similarities to the other ancient systems.

Native American Medicine Wheel

The last ancient correlation I will mention are the Native Americans’ Medicine Wheel, the four directions and correlating colors, seasons, times of life, etc. Again, there are amazing similarities using simple concepts to understand the complex things in life.


Bringing it Together

I teach Body-typing as a way to simplify our understanding of our bodies, minds, emotions, relationships and life situations.

In a life that is so full of complexity, Body-typing helps us see beauty and wisdom in simplicity.

Learn more:

Take the Body-type Quiz in the right sidebar

Learn more about the foods, exercises and habits that help each Body-type feel more balanced in my book

You-niversal Self-care

Also, check out more blogs and podcasts with Body-typing insights in the archive in the right sidebar.

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Exercise: What’s right for Your Body? :034

You know how your body needs and wants to move…

To exercise, it’s intuitive, but it may need some excavating to come out again.

Which activities did you love as a child?

Running, climbing, playing ball, dancing?

This is a first big clue. Write these down!

What did you love about these activities: being outside, being with others, the feeling of freedom, learning, the feeling of continuous challenge and the possibility of winning or losing?

This seems overly simply, but it’s such a healthy mental and emotional exercise to do.

The greatest step we can take in our health is to observe and allow!

Observe how your body truly wants and needs help and support. If that’s difficult to tune into now, recall a time when you felt really in-tune with your body. What were you doing (and not doing) to support yourself? What were your goals and desires? Most of all, what was your attitude?


 Know your Body-type

Some people and bodies need more vigorous exercise others more slow and mellow.

I’ve learned over time that I need mostly gentle exercise: dance, walking, yoga – with some strength and coordination exercise mixed in.

In my book, You-niversal Self-care, I teach about the Body-types and the foods, exercises and habits that help to balance each type. Here’s a summary of the types of exercises that help each Body-type.


Types of Exercise that help each Body-type


This type needs vigorous exercise, but exercising is not typically enjoyable to them. They need a trainer, a group, a class that they enjoy and can kick them into gear! Earth-types like things to be regular. A scheduled class and a consistent trainer are helpful. Earth-types like being around friends, but it’s best not to count on other Earth-type friends to stay accountable. Make sure to find a Fire-type trainer/group leader to keep you going! Beautiful esthetics help. Earth-types also like comfortable and homey atmosphere.  This is not the typical gym, which is why an Earth-type will feel more comfortable in a yoga class (without mirrors). They will benefit from a more vigorous Ashtanga or “Power yoga”. When an Earth-type finds the right activity they actually enjoy it!


Fire-types need lots of activity, something to let off steam, something challenging. They also like competition. Join a sports league which is also motivation to do some supplemental and cross training. You’ll find many Fire-types in competitive environments like Crossfit. A Fire-type naturally wants to move and compete, but when they are overcome by the challenge of “making it” in the business realm they will readily put this healthy practice aside. You will feel and perform much better though, in all areas of life, when you exercise regularly!


Air and Water-types

These types need regularity. Depending on their second most dominant Body-type they may be able to withstand vigorous workouts, or not. If Air is your primary Body-type, like me, less intense workouts like certain styles of martial arts, yoga, tai chi, walking and dance are very helpful. It’s important for these types to do something that does not exhaust their more delicate constitution. For this type it’s not about the calories burned or the miles walked; consistent, daily activity helps theses types the most.

So, what’s your Body-type? Take the Body-type Quiz in the right sidebar!


Getting Clear

Now you know…

Use these tools to narrow down what it is that you can to do for your body!

Try out some activities or classes. Try as many as you like! Rotate. Once you start looking you’ll be amazed by what you can find, even online!

Most of all, have fun!

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Weight Loss Success Story – 40lbs+ Kept off for 4+ Years – Bob Davis :029

In our first Success Story Bob Davis Shares how he Lost 40+ lbs and has Kept it off for over 4 years.

Weight Free Wellness is about promoting a healthy lifestyle; and certainly in many cases, healthy weight loss can make a huge improvement to one’s total health.



There is not a one-way path to weight loss.

Bob, a friend and fellow podcaster shares how he found his way to achieve and maintain weight loss. Bob’s a great conversationalist and we covered a number of topics. Watch or listen to the podcast for the complete and entertaining podcast! Here’s a summary:


Bob is a news and current events podcaster.

We discussed his recent visit to North Dakota and real coverage of the pipeline issue.


“What you think that you’re seeing is not what you’re seeing.” – Bob Davis

“The antidote to big media is citizen journalism.” – Bob Davis


Bob was exercising every day but that wasn’t the key to his weight loss

Walking everywhere, biking 16 miles, running, and a vigorous one and a half hour Bikram yoga class everyday did not cause Bob to lose weight.

“It’s a lifestyle choice. You can’t go on a diet.” – Bob Davis


The weight loss happened… the weight dropped off…

When Bob started eating low-carb (Atkins at the time).


Bob’s motivation for weight loss…

Was to be able to do yoga without a gut. (Thanks for being honest Bob!)



  • How this midwest native man (Bob) got into doing yoga (and improved the condition of his knees)!
  • How Bob manages eating right while on the road.
  • Bob answers: Do you fear regaining the weight?
  • We talked a bit about Body-typing. Take the Body-type Quiz in the sidebar.


“Weight is not the issue; it’s being healthy.” – Bob Davis

“You’re not targeting a body shape, you just want to be on an equilibrium with being healthy.” – Bob Davis

“You have to figure out what works for you.” – Bob Davis



Thanks for a great interview Bob!


Visit BobDavisPodcasts.com!



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Make Weight Loss the Benefit, Not the Goal :024

Weight Loss and “Fitting-in” Used to be my Goals

Weight loss and fitting-in were my primary objectives for many years; to fit-in to the right sized jeans and to fit-in to the groups I glamorized.


When you struggle with weight, it becomes your focus.

When it comes to health, weight is a symptom, not the cause.

Recognize that you may the Type who tends to carry more weight naturally. (Take the Body-typing Quiz in the sidebar and learn more about Body-typing in my book, You-niversal Self-care: Improved Health Through Self-Understanding.)

But when being overweight or underweight is truly and issue, we don’t need a scale to tell us this!

From my health and weight struggles and victories, I encourage you to change your focus!

Get off the scale and on to Wellness!

There’s a story

…of how monkeys are captured. The short version is; trappers hang a coconut with a hole just large enough for the monkey to slip its tiny hand into. The trappers place the monkeys favorite fruit inside and wait. Soon enough a troop of monkeys comes through this area and when the freely available fruits are consumed by the hungry bunch, an unlucky few find the baited trap. The monkey slips its hand through the hole to grasp the fruit. He thinks he has the prize, but soon finds out that he cannot remove his hand with the tightly-grasped fruit treat. He does not let go of the fruit and so ends up trapping himself.

When we let go of thinking that a certain weight is the goal, our perspective opens.

We are no longer trapped in this game where a particular weight is the prize.

Instead, let your goals be those things that actually promote health. Find the food and habits that help you feel as close to 100% as possible!

Experience your body being free of cravings by eliminating certain foods, stabilizing your blood sugars, and even by taking quality vitamins!

Your body and mind can learn to enjoy exercise and especially the benefits when you find something that is challenging enough and feels good! (Yes, exercise can feel good and be very rewarding!)

Feel how these changes in habit work synergistically; when eating the foods your body needs it gives you genuine energy (not fake energy from caffeine or sugar) and how moving your body is so much easier with the right sources of energy- and encourages you to keep making those health-promoting choices!

See beyond the “bait” of weight and you will likely achieve so much more than you hoped for!


A Gift Guide with Heart :023

This Gift Guide Does Not Have Product Suggestions

This gift guide could actually be the start of a gift that keeps on giving; a well-tuned-in heart.

Even when I’ve had very little money to spend, I found ways to give meaningful gifts that make people smile and feel special… but better yet… feel understood!

To know that someone holds you in a special place in their heart is one of the most beautiful gifts in the world to receive! This guide is to help you express those sentiments at anytime… especially during the holidays!


It’s not about the gift… Well, it is, but it isn’t…

To give or receive a gift is initially about the gift, but there is this amazing opportunity for a gift to become a channel of sentiment.

As you begin to imagine what to give a person, connect with the emotion that you feel for them: love, passion, appreciation, admiration, tenderness, fondness, adoration, care, intrigue, fun, elation, etc., etc. It could be that you experience several of these and more!



Connect with the Person

Although the holiday season does tend to focus us on the material things; we are also reminded to connect.

Gift giving is a bit of an art, like interior decorating. If you hire an interior decorator, they don’t just put together a room how they would like theirs to be; they (should) observe you, the colors and patterns you use often in your wardrobe and the lifestyle you lead.

The best gifts are not what you want to give to another person… The best gifts are all about the recipient.


Sounds good, but how do you really know what to give?

Sometimes we are too close to people to really get a perspective on who they are and what they want. Don’t believe me? Go through the following inquiries… I guarantee you’ll learn something new about the people who are closest to you! (And learn how to give a great gift in the process!)


What’s their “Love Language”?

The Five Love Languages is an ever-helpful book written by Dr. Gary Chapman. The principles in this book can be used in all kinds of relationships and encounters, even with children and I have found it helpful in business too!

In the book Dr. Chapman illustrates how we each have two primary “Love Languages” with which we like to communicate and especially to receive our messages of love. They are:

  • Physical Touch
  • Words of Affirmation
  • Acts of Service
  • Receiving Gifts
  • Quality Time

While writing this article I took the quiz again: it’s been quite a few years since I last did it and I wanted to confirm my Love Languages. My top 2 Love Languages are Acts of Service and Receiving Gifts.

Take the Love Language Quiz for yourself and even ask your loved ones to take it. Or, at least through taking it yourself you’ll get an idea for what may be their primary Love Languages.


Another way to figure out their Love Language is

Observe what they tend to give more often. We tend to give what we like to receive. It’s natural that we subconsciously think that others will appreciate what we like.

Also, what do they complain about:

  • Physical Touch: Why don’t you touch me? Hold my hand. Or they are particular about how they like to be touched.
  • Words of Affirmation: You never say you love me! (This may be exaggerated but feels true to them.) Tell me I’m doing a good job for once!
  • Acts of Service: Would you just help out! I do all the work around here!
  • Receiving Gifts: I can’t wait for my birthday, at least I know that I can count on a gift then!
  • Quality Time: Why can’t you take some time for us? When can we have time together, just the two of us?

Note, I am not at all advocating the above tactics!


You can notice their primary Love Languages by what they ask for or treat themselves to:

  • Physical Touch: Massage, spa treatments, hand holding, caressing.
  • Words of Affirmation: Seeking friendships with people who offer praise. Posting social media posts that initiate praise. Bolstering oneself.
  • Acts of Service: Volunteering, offering to help others (even when they are short on time, energy and help for themselves).
  • Receiving Gifts: Giving gifts to others (especially if for no apparent reason). Self-gifting even going as far to wrap and/or put presents out for self.
  • Quality Time: Depending on their personality they will either force Quality Time to happen or seek the Quality Time with the people with whom it is possible. They will use texting or messaging as a tool but not as a true means to have Quality Time. They will settle for phone conversations but prefer face-to-face encounters. It bothers them greatly when you put the phone between you and them!


Now you Should have a Good Idea of Which Category of Gift to Give

Treat him or her to:

  • Physical Touch: Do it yourself if your loved-one also likes Quality Time, or schedule a couple’s massage!
  • Words of Affirmation: Do a fun collage of things you love about him/her, or notes around the house 12-days of Christmas style or some other seasonal theme.
  • Acts of Service: Make a coupon book with redeemable chores you will help with. Leave a few that are fill-in requests. Be sure to honor them! I would suggest you add a line of “will be completed within 1 day or 1 week” for example, for clarity. (Just a hint from experience.)
  • Receiving Gifts: Read the next section on Body-typing to really hone-in on what type of gift to give.
  • Quality Time: Put some thought and effort into it. My hubby is a Quality Time person. This is my least dominant Love Language, so I have to really think from his perspective on this one. Remember, a gift is about the recipient. I will often go to movies that I don’t particularly enjoy because I know he likes to go, together. I find it silly that we don’t even get to talk or interact except for after the movie, but that doesn’t matter, it’s for him. I have found myself looking deeper into movies and we have great discussions afterwards!


One more thing… Go for the Gold! What’s their Body-type?

Really good gift-giving is not simple, but it brings meaning to relationships. As you’ve seen me illustrate, I use the term gift-giving liberally. Sometimes you give of your time, sometimes you give in a type of effort.

This post is not just about “The Holiday Spirit,” it’s about cultivating healthy relationships for the long-run, not just for a season.

As I describe in my book, You-niversal Self-care: Improved Health Through Self-Understanding, we each show dominance in two of the four Body-types.

Take the Body-type Quiz (in the sidebar).


Understanding our Body-type (and that of others) can help us with our health and even relationships!


Earth-types are naturally very grounded and homey. They tend to focus on friends, family, home, good food and often are great crafters or makers. I have observed that many Earth-types really appreciate the Quality Time (Love Language). Truly, for them, one of the greatest gifts you can give is the gift of your presence. The second most common Love Language I see among this type is Receiving Gifts. This type loves collecting and preserving keep-sakes and mementos. A framed family photo, a charm for a bracelet or a mother’s ring would be special gifts. Notice what they collect. Can you add something particularly meaningful to that collection?



This type is always clear on what they want. Often materially oriented, they love gifts, but if they can afford it; they likely have everything they want which can make gifting challenging. If you’re not sure, ask! They will tell you want they want, if they haven’t already made it clear! It’s best to ask this type what they want. If you get it wrong, they’ll let you know- and who wants that disappointment?


Air-type and Water-type

These types can be the most challenging to shop for. These are elements that tend towards instability (as opposed to the clock-like Earth-type). Even if you ask them what they want, you still might not get a clear answer. Worse yet, they may be unsure, or if they’re moody, they might test you by making you guess. Keep asking, and then follow-through to whatever level you can. This will open-up the usually thought-oriented Air-type and earn you huge points- this doesn’t have to be a diamond ring! Maybe what your creative Water-type wants to do is take some dance classes together or a couples painting class with wine tasting: sure, perhaps this sounds torturous to you, but have fun with it! Make fun of yourself! You’ll be amazed by the memories you make by truly giving with the other person in mind!


Still need help?

Comment below and we’ll put our minds together to come up with a memorable, material or intangible gift!


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When to do Online Yoga and Why to go to a Yoga Studio :017

It’s convenient to take an online yoga class…

…but I much prefer going to a warm, cozy studio with a great yoga instructor to guide me through a yoga practice. No distractions. No problems.

Sometimes the time and financial resources it takes to go to a studio are limited. In this case online yoga classes can sound appealing, but are they right for you?

As I began taking online yoga classes it occurred to me that I take a lot of my advanced training and yoga history for granted. As I modify poses for what I need and want, it occurs to me that online classes are convenient, but perhaps not ideal for everyone.

If you’re wondering which is better for you, here are my thoughts:


When to do Online Yoga - Why to go to a Yoga Studio

Online Yoga:

Online yoga is great if you have a foundational understanding of the basic poses.

It saves time having to drive to and from a studio, unless you can go on the way to or from work!

If you have little ones at home, paying for a babysitter and yoga classes may not only be time-consuming but pinch the budget a bit. Squeeze in an online class when you can or get the kids involved!

If you’re the type who can commit to a regular workout routine, online yoga, available whenever you are, may be just the right match.

Studio Yoga:

In my opinion, beginning students really should go to a yoga studio to gain basic instruction from a knowledgable and experienced instructor who can monitor you and teach safety while moving through and holding yoga postures. This isn’t about creating “the perfect pose,” it’s for your safety. Yoga is a more gentle form of body movement than most (depending on the style of yoga) but the repetitive movements can still strain and harm the body over time if not done properly.

For intermediate and advanced students it is helpful to go in for “check-ups.” It’s easy to develop bad habits. Something as simple as keeping your elbows in (which easily creep out) can help prevent painful elbow problems.

Sometimes when you need “space” it helps to grab a yoga mat, humbly claim your area, and take a mini-vacation in your bubble of space and time. Get lost in the music and movement. No cares. No distractions.

There is so much behind what goes into a yoga class that a teacher just can’t get into while teaching a regular class. Most studios offer workshops to learn more which can help you gain even more from your regular classes!

By going to a yoga studio you support a local business. It’s a feel-good moment for everyone!

Lastly, I recommend taking classes at a yoga studio if you have a hard time committing to yourself. If new routines are difficult, I highly recommend buying a punchcard and committing to taking a regular class. Start with one class per week if that’s where you need to start. For some Body-types, having a healthy group atmosphere with caring people whom you enjoy seeing and who extol how much they’ve missed you when you’re gone is a helpful start to committing to a yoga practice- especially the Earth-type and Water-type. (Body-typing book here. Take the Body-type Quiz in the sidebar.)


As you can see, I’m a big fan of Studio Yoga, but I’ve experience that Online Yoga fills a significant need and is helpful as well.



Feeling Emotional This Veteran’s Day?: Bonus Episode 2

Veteran’s Day, similar to Memorial Day, brings up many feelings and emotions.

Different Body-types, in balance and out of balance, will have different ways of responding.


Which one seems more like you?




When in balance Earth-types are comfortable people to be around. On this particularly nostalgic day they give off vibes of: devotion, reverence, gratitude and heart-illuminating memory.

We all get off-kilter from time to time but the emotional string pulling that Veteran’s Day can evoke can especially affect the watery (remember the Earth contains 70% water) and emotional aspects of this type. They include: grief, sadness (which if they are very imbalanced can lead to depression), and emotional sensitivity that can range from weepiness to defensive behaviors.

If you are into the energetic systems of the body, they are ruled by the heart center (chakra). They are “heartfelt” and take things “to heart”.



These action-oriented people can be great fun to be around. Many of them are likely veterans themselves. Those who volunteer and stay active in the military must have strong principles and be willing to take extreme action to stand behind their beliefs. Or, interestingly, a Fire-type may also be staunchly opposed to any war-like efforts. Fire-type people, whether military or not, will show staunch reverence, pride, stoicism and are not afraid to share their opinion.

It is very apparent when this type is out of balance. They come across as: defensive in an offensive way, extremely opinionated, and demanding.

They are ruled by the solar plexus (power center) center (chakra) of the energetic body. They are said to have the “guts”and the “gall” to do something and can “stomach” many things that others without so much Fire Element cannot. (Remember, we are all a combination of these Elements).



People dominant in this Element seem like they feel through their minds. A naturally emotional type (Earth or Water) may get frustrated with this type, feeling that Air-types have no heart (remember Earth is ruled by the heart). This type will likely feel/demonstrate in these ways: reasoning (i.e. this happened because of that), a historical perspective and may show reverence out of a feeling of reasoned obligation.

When out of balance they will become argumentative with logic (whereas the Fire-type argues more for sport) or be consumed in thought or simply moody with ruminating, unpleasant thoughts.

This type is ruled by the head/mind center of the energetic body. When high in the Air Elements with very low amounts of the other elements to their character they come across as Mr. Spock from Star Trek.



Last but not least we come to the other emotion-based Body-type, the Water-type. On a day like today, similar to the Earth-type, they may be very affected by emotions. When in balance they can be festive and are great idea generators of events. They are also naturally empathic, so may feel mixed because of the myriad feelings that others are experiencing.

When out of balance, like the water-dominant Earth-type, they can become emotional, especially if the occasion sparks grief or loss. They can feel the profound depths of sadness like Earth-types but it is more general like a rain cloud over the head. The Earth-types is more like ruminating feelings (similar to the experience of ruminating thoughts).

Since this Body-type has such a capacity to shape-shift and move, I feel that this type is more represented by the movement of subtle energy in the body- in yogic teaching this would be the Sushumna, or the channel in which energies flow up and down the body and through the seven primary chakras. Mood-wise this illustrates how Water-types can be up on “cloud-nine” one moment or “down in the dumps” the next.


Have you taken the FREE Body-typing Assessment yet?

Learn how to be more balanced with your unique makeup of Body-type characteristics in my Body-typing Book!

Or, for more direct and immediate insight on how to feel balanced, schedule a consultation!




Trump – A Natural Fire-type Body-type: Bonus Episode 1

Trump – a Natural Fire-type

Trump is such a good example of a Fire-type from his ruddy complexion to his short, direct comments and his innate constructive and destructive abilities.


***I am not taking sides here. My objective with these bonus episodes is to provide insight to how Body-typing can help us with a broader perspective from health – and in today’s episode – to politics. Also, I typically don’t go anywhere close to politics, but this is too good of an example to ignore this topic!***


Original (Photo by Jae C. Hong/AP)


Fire is very appealing and even necessary for survival.

We need it to keep warm, cook food, propel our gas and electric powered vehicles; from the stirring of digestion and the activation of muscles: these are all examples of the metaphoric sense of Fire in our lives.

Fire is uncomfortable though when we get too close or it gets out of hand: scorching from the fire, burnt food, misdirected power, overactive digestion, in-flame-d muscles, etc.


Our country was founded by Fiery individuals.

This Body-type has the innate desire to explore, overcome and innovate. By contrast, an Earth-type would rather stay home and will deal with the lot they were given (literally in the historical sense) just to stay reasonably comfortable. A Fire-type will not put up with much bull, and will institute change.


Characteristics of Fire:

  • Tenacity
  • Destructive and Creative (As Traditional Chinese Medicine principles illustrate that sometimes the fire is necessary to clear the way for the new growth.)
  • Trail-blazing
  • Burning the candle at both ends
  • Direct
  • Creates boundaries/can also seem like divides
  • Intense
  • Focused
  • Others nearby can really “feel the heat”
  • Principled
  • Leader
  • Not afraid of confrontation (may often seek it)
  • many more…


‘It takes one to know one.’

At the end of the second debate each candidate was asked to share something that they respect about the other.

Hillary said, “I respect his children… His children are incredibly able and devoted, and I think that says a lot about Donald.” (A very Earth-type comment.) (Cited from USA Today.)

Trump responded, “She doesn’t quit,” he said. “She doesn’t give up, I respect that.” (Cited from USA Today.)


Fire-types come in all shapes and sizes.

It takes a particularly strong and determined person to withstand the grueling schedule (burning the candle at both ends) to not only become a candidate and then be elected- but to be willing to take on the monumental task of being President!

Like I said before, Fire is comfortable until you get too close. Some people are more comfortable with being near the heat, “playing with fire” or even initiating fire more than others. During “heated” elections like these we notice our fire being stirred more than usual, as it takes fire to initiate fire – even if by a lot of friction!


Are you feeling “fired-up” about this election season?

Does this feel uncomfortable to you? (Then you’re likely not so naturally “Fiery” yourself.)

The solution I have is not oriented around a single candidate, but it is oriented around a single person… YOU!


  • Understand your Body-type!
  • Are you in or out of balance? (You are at your best when you’re in balance, so why not strive for this!)
  • What are your weaknesses and strengths?



One Body-type is not better than the other; like the unique ecosystem of the ocean,

we each play our role. 

Learn more about Body-typing in my book,

You-niversal Self-care: Improved Health Through Self-Understanding HERE!