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Cerebral Palsy – An Inspiring Story with Jessica Day :044

Jessica was born with Cerebral Palsy

She clarifies that Cerebral Palsy is not a disease, nor is a person born with this as a genetic disorder; it’s a physical condition.

Since childhood she experienced debilitating pain on a daily basis and went through many invasive surgeries with lack-luster results.

In this interview Jessica shares how innovative Stem Cell Therapies and natural remedies and therapies have helped her to improve her condition dramatically.

I love meeting people like Jessica, who have taken their situation and made the best of it. She proves that individuals and even families can thrive despite a Cerebral Palsy diagnosis.

Jessica has an exemplary attitude. She takes matters into her own hands and finds solutions. Most of all, she is putting herself out there to help others who also suffer from pain and other debilitating conditions.

You’ll just have to listen to really understand what I mean.



“I have always identified and will always identify as an able-bodied person. I don’t like labels. I will not label myself.” – Jessica Day

We cover:

  • What is Cerebral Palsy
  • The difference between a disease and a physical condition
  • Her family history and how her parents helped culture an attitude of ability
  • Conventional treatments and the tradeoff of procedures
  • Treatments that helped Jessica the most (from the natural and medical realms)
  • How to keep an ability-focused and health-focused attitude
  • The law of attraction
  • Light Therapy – What is it? How it helped her.
  • Perspective on Pain
  • and much more!


“I’m no longer in constant pain as a result of my disability.” – Jessica Day

“When you remove pain there is so much more room to focus on other things.” – Jessica Day


Helpful links:

Light Therapy Info:

http://www.thelightlinks.info/ (not mobile optimized)

About Jessica

Jessica Day is a young entrepreneur, certified light energy practitioner, and disability advocate. Born with a physical disability known as  cerebral palsy (CP) she was forced to advocate for herself at an early age. She understands the importance of choice. Her desire to gain more control over her life and health is what brought her to choose more natural and unconventional ways of dealing with her physical condition personally. This paired with her passion for helping others has reshaped her life in many ways. She started Aspire Ability Resources inc., an advocacy company that focuses on bringing people with physical disabilities into a more positive, trend-forward light. Now, she hopes to complement her nonprofit work with a career in holistic wellness. Encouraging everyone to look at what their body can do for itself, rather than focusing on its limitations, whatever they may be.


Jessica can be reached:



Aspire Ability Resources Inc.
and reached at the same number listed above.