Chewy Nut Butter Bars Recipe

Chewy Nut Butter Bars – total Gluten Free Dairy Free treat!

I’m not gonna’ lie… this is not going to win the award for “Healthiest Recipe”!

This is such a yummy, chewy treat! As you may know, when you eliminate gluten from your choices in food, this eliminates nearly all foods that have a natural chewy texture. I love flavor, but I also really enjoy certain textures in my food. These bars, which are very similar to “Special K” bars, really hit the spot when I want something chewy and chocolatey. They are a nice substitute for chocolate chip cookies… at least in my book.  Yum!

Chewy Nut Butter Bars

Free of Dairy, Gluten, Eggs, Soy (check labels)


Makes one 8×8 pan

Preparation Time

20 minutes

Cook time

5 minutes


*Use all organic and/or farm-raised ingredients.

3  cups gluten-free cereal flakes (I like this cereal)

1- 7 oz. bag of Natural Marshmallows (I use this brand)

1  cup Organic peanut butter (This is what I use.) Or other nut butter

2  Tablespoons Coconut oil

1- 9 oz. bag organic chocolate chips, choose dairy-free variety if desired (I like the Sunspire brand. My favorite for dairy and gluten free (and soy free!) is the 65% cacao bittersweet chocolate chips.)


Pre-measure all ingredients and have them readily available to use.

Add coconut oil to a large dutch oven with a heavy bottom and heat on a medium-low heat.

Once the oil is melted, add marshmallows and stir constantly with a spatula until the marshmallows have melted and are stringy.

Turn off the heat.

Add peanut butter and mix well.

Once well-mixed, add the cereal and blend thoroughly.

Transfer contents into an 8×8-inch glass pan and press into pan with the spatula until even.

Put chocolate chips in a 6-inch or wider sauce pan with a heavy bottom, and heat on low.

Stir regularly with spatula until melted.

When melted remove from heat and pour to top the bars in the pan and spread evenly.

Allow to cool.

Body-type and Wellness Insights

Peanut butter is a staple and relatively inexpensive nut butter and is very commonly used here in the USA. I bet there are many more people who are sensitive to this food staple than they think. Earth-types may not react in a common allergic manner, but this thick, creamy butter adds to their already moist, slow-moving nature; promoting imbalance.

Also consider this:

“Peanuts are often heavily sprayed with chemicals and grown on land saturated with synthetic fertilizers. In addition, they are subject to the carcinogenic fungus aflatoxin. Organic peanuts should therefor be used–they contain fewer chemical residues, and are less subject to aflatoxin.”

Healing with Whole Foods by Paul Pitchford p. 533-534

Of any body-typing, the Fire-type can consume and burn off this rich paste. Or, of any type, Fire-types are the ones who have the most overt allergic reactions.

Air-types, while they can benefit from this oil-rich food, it can be challenging for their delicate system to digest. They will want to consume peanuts in moderation or consider using another nut butter.

This is similar for Water-types, although like the Earth-type, peanuts can be too moistening for this type.