Detox – The Simplest, Easiest Way to do It :040

Especially if you’re new to the detox realm, know that it doesn’t have to be difficult

To detox is to simply provide your body with the tools and the environment so it can do its job; to build, repair and to clean!

Imagine you are set with the task of cleaning a house that has not been thoroughly cleaned for decades. Let’s say it’s your Aunt Margaret’s house and she’s moving into assisted living and you’ve been left in charge with making sure that things are cleaned up.



You’re in charge of cleanup

The house has papers stacked as high as Aunt Margaret and is littered with dust bunnies the size of the enormous fuzzy Easter Bunny she took you to see as a youngster!

Aunt Margaret has only discarded wrappers, empty cartons and other obvious garbage; the rest is left for you to discover and ultimately throw away.

She has clearly not cleaned for decades.

When Aunt Margaret did clean, the only solvent she used was a highly perfumed colorful liquid from a mystery bottle with no label. Surfaces are sticky, corners are packed with dust, soil and debris – in other words, this is going to take some work to clean!


A good initial cleaning or detox is easy

If you haven’t cleansed your body in years, decades, or have never done a cleanse – a simple detox will get you off to a great start!

Go back to envisioning Aunt Margaret’s house. To make a big improvement, all her house needs is to have the windows opened, the unnecessary items discarded and a simple wash down with a simple bucket of warm water. This alone will make the house feel fresher.

Then, once the big stuff is done, the major digging-in can happen; one can do a more thorough cleanse or detox. But the big, simple stuff needs to happen first.

Especially if you have never done a detox I suggest

Just clean it up!

You don’t need anything fancy; no programs, no pills.

Help your body do the basics.

Want to know my easiest and simples way to do this? Drink lots of water!

Water is a master solvent and your body needs lots of it. Sodas, juices and other colorful drinks are like the mystery cleanser at Auntie’s house. You may think that they are sufficient, but they don’t really get the job done. It’s an illusion. Your body needs WATER!


Take a month to develop this healthy habit:

Increase your water to drink one half your body weight in ounces of water.

If you’re pregnant or nursing or working out you will need more.


If you weight 150 pounds you will need at least 75 ounces of water daily which is just over 2 quarts. 

1/2 (body weight) =   ___ ounces of water to drink in a day, minimum

For easy reference:

1 US liquid quart = 32 US fluid ounces (or 4, 8 ounce glasses)

1 US liquid gallon = 128 US fluid ounces


That’s it. Only one step. Do this for now and by the end of the month you’ll be amazed by the difference!

What if it’s difficult? Water doesn’t taste good. I hear this all the time!


Here are my tips to get started on drinking plenty of water:


Drink filtered water

Poor quality tap water is not going to taste good. Nor is bottled water that has been sitting in plastic bottles for who knows how long and in what kind of conditions. Filter your own water at home with at least a charcoal filter. Glass-bottled spring water is a good option too. We like Mountain Spring brand. Invest in yourself and make naturally purified water with the Berkey Water Purifier.


Naturally flavor the water

Use therapeutic grade essential oils of lemon, orange, peppermint to naturally flavor the water. Fresh fruits and even cucumbers work well too. The combination of slices of lemon, orange and cucumber are a delicious combination. This can also be a natural boost to your cleansing as they help to naturally detoxify your body. If using essential oils, make sure they are therapeutic grade appropriate for internal use and use glass bottles since essential oils can break down plastic; and you don’t want to consume that!


Fill your bottles

Buy or reuse glass or stainless steel bottles (non-BPA plastic is ok if you’re concerned about breakage and the bottle will not be exposed to heat or prolonged sunlight). I reuse 32 ounces juice bottles. Fill your bottles with the amount of water you intend to drink in the morning. Gauge how much you’ve had by noon and then by 6pm. You can set smaller goals like finishing one bottle by noon and the other by early evening, which also helps prevent midnight trips to the bathroom.


Just do it!

Sometimes, when you know that something is good for you, you just have to make the intention to do it! No tricks or bells or whistles or rewards. Know that the reward will be that you will feel better. Get curious about what it will feel like to feel better; you’ll probably even find a more refreshed face looking back at you in the mirror too!