Dill Dip

Not just for veggies. Try it on lamb burgers, wraps and…

Did you know that there are a couple of forms of dill called for in recipes? Dill seed is what you find in dill pickles, and dill weed is what you find in dill dip and other dressings like ranch style dressing?

There’s another herb that is used in cooking that uses the seed and leaf, but they go by different names. Any guesses?

Cilantro is the leaf herb and coriander is the not too similarly tasting seed.

That’s it for today’s herb trivia 😉

Dill Dip

Free of Gluten, Nuts, Corn, Eggs, Soy


Makes 1 pound (sour cream container)

Preparation Time

20 minutes

Cook time



*Use all organic and/or farm-raised ingredients.

16 oz.(1 lb) Organic (not low fat) Sour Cream or Plain Yogurt

1/4 cup dill weed (leaf), finely chopped

1/4 teaspoon salt – add a pinch more if desired

dash Garlic Powder

1/8 cup Red Onion, minced (optional)

1 clove Garlic, minced (optional)


  1. Wash dill with veggie wash and pat dry.
  2. Put sour cream or yogurt in a medium-sized bowl.
  3. Separate thicker stems from dill ferns.
  4. Chop dill ferns and add the 1/4 cup to the contents in bowl.
  5. Mince garlic and add to bowl.
  6. Chop onions and add to bowl.
  7. Add salt.
  8. Mix well and taste.
  9. Add more salt, dill or even garlic salt if desired. This recipe is a safe starting point.
  10. Mix for 2-3 minutes with a spoon to gather dip that collects from edge of the bowl and allow the salt to be absorbed into the sour cream.

Flavors will blend well as dill sits. Use within 2-3 days.

Enjoy with a variety of veggies or on a sandwich, yum!

Body-type and Wellness Insights

“…Dill is a carminative,  which is, as my favorite herbalist teacher explains it, ” . . . [these types of plants] improve secretions from the stomach, expel gas, and promote the digestive function.”  Matthew Wood – The Earthwise Herbal: A Complete Guide to Old World Medicinal Plants, page 26


Earth-types benefit most by eating raw veggies and their tendency will also be to over-indulge in the the dip. Dairy with its heavy, creamy properties add to the dense, mucous-y tendencies of an Earth-type; therefor it is best that and Earthy-type minimize their dairy consumption as to not create an overabundance of the Earth Element in their body.

A Fire-type will greatly benefit from the digestive aid of the dill. This Type typically experiences acid reflux, heart burn and other upper digestive tract issues. The dill acts as a very mild muscle relaxant and soothes the stomach and intestines, which can greatly alleviate the likelihood of experiencing fiery symptoms. The carminative properties of the dill in this dip can help all types.

Air-types, who tend to have the most sensitive digestive systems, receive aid in digestion from the beneficial bacteria cultures and natural properties of the dill which also prevent flatulence – a very common digestive issue for Air-types. It is a coincidence that flatulence is also called ‘to pass wind(air)’?