Feeling Emotional This Veteran’s Day?: Bonus Episode 2

Veteran’s Day, similar to Memorial Day, brings up many feelings and emotions.

Different Body-types, in balance and out of balance, will have different ways of responding.


Which one seems more like you?




When in balance Earth-types are comfortable people to be around. On this particularly nostalgic day they give off vibes of: devotion, reverence, gratitude and heart-illuminating memory.

We all get off-kilter from time to time but the emotional string pulling that Veteran’s Day can evoke can especially affect the watery (remember the Earth contains 70% water) and emotional aspects of this type. They include: grief, sadness (which if they are very imbalanced can lead to depression), and emotional sensitivity that can range from weepiness to defensive behaviors.

If you are into the energetic systems of the body, they are ruled by the heart center (chakra). They are “heartfelt” and take things “to heart”.



These action-oriented people can be great fun to be around. Many of them are likely veterans themselves. Those who volunteer and stay active in the military must have strong principles and be willing to take extreme action to stand behind their beliefs. Or, interestingly, a Fire-type may also be staunchly opposed to any war-like efforts. Fire-type people, whether military or not, will show staunch reverence, pride, stoicism and are not afraid to share their opinion.

It is very apparent when this type is out of balance. They come across as: defensive in an offensive way, extremely opinionated, and demanding.

They are ruled by the solar plexus (power center) center (chakra) of the energetic body. They are said to have the “guts”and the “gall” to do something and can “stomach” many things that others without so much Fire Element cannot. (Remember, we are all a combination of these Elements).



People dominant in this Element seem like they feel through their minds. A naturally emotional type (Earth or Water) may get frustrated with this type, feeling that Air-types have no heart (remember Earth is ruled by the heart). This type will likely feel/demonstrate in these ways: reasoning (i.e. this happened because of that), a historical perspective and may show reverence out of a feeling of reasoned obligation.

When out of balance they will become argumentative with logic (whereas the Fire-type argues more for sport) or be consumed in thought or simply moody with ruminating, unpleasant thoughts.

This type is ruled by the head/mind center of the energetic body. When high in the Air Elements with very low amounts of the other elements to their character they come across as Mr. Spock from Star Trek.



Last but not least we come to the other emotion-based Body-type, the Water-type. On a day like today, similar to the Earth-type, they may be very affected by emotions. When in balance they can be festive and are great idea generators of events. They are also naturally empathic, so may feel mixed because of the myriad feelings that others are experiencing.

When out of balance, like the water-dominant Earth-type, they can become emotional, especially if the occasion sparks grief or loss. They can feel the profound depths of sadness like Earth-types but it is more general like a rain cloud over the head. The Earth-types is more like ruminating feelings (similar to the experience of ruminating thoughts).

Since this Body-type has such a capacity to shape-shift and move, I feel that this type is more represented by the movement of subtle energy in the body- in yogic teaching this would be the Sushumna, or the channel in which energies flow up and down the body and through the seven primary chakras. Mood-wise this illustrates how Water-types can be up on “cloud-nine” one moment or “down in the dumps” the next.


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