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Exercise: What’s right for Your Body? :034

You know how your body needs and wants to move…

To exercise, it’s intuitive, but it may need some excavating to come out again.

Which activities did you love as a child?

Running, climbing, playing ball, dancing?

This is a first big clue. Write these down!

What did you love about these activities: being outside, being with others, the feeling of freedom, learning, the feeling of continuous challenge and the possibility of winning or losing?

This seems overly simply, but it’s such a healthy mental and emotional exercise to do.

The greatest step we can take in our health is to observe and allow!

Observe how your body truly wants and needs help and support. If that’s difficult to tune into now, recall a time when you felt really in-tune with your body. What were you doing (and not doing) to support yourself? What were your goals and desires? Most of all, what was your attitude?


 Know your Body-type

Some people and bodies need more vigorous exercise others more slow and mellow.

I’ve learned over time that I need mostly gentle exercise: dance, walking, yoga – with some strength and coordination exercise mixed in.

In my book, You-niversal Self-care, I teach about the Body-types and the foods, exercises and habits that help to balance each type. Here’s a summary of the types of exercises that help each Body-type.


Types of Exercise that help each Body-type


This type needs vigorous exercise, but exercising is not typically enjoyable to them. They need a trainer, a group, a class that they enjoy and can kick them into gear! Earth-types like things to be regular. A scheduled class and a consistent trainer are helpful. Earth-types like being around friends, but it’s best not to count on other Earth-type friends to stay accountable. Make sure to find a Fire-type trainer/group leader to keep you going! Beautiful esthetics help. Earth-types also like comfortable and homey atmosphere.  This is not the typical gym, which is why an Earth-type will feel more comfortable in a yoga class (without mirrors). They will benefit from a more vigorous Ashtanga or “Power yoga”. When an Earth-type finds the right activity they actually enjoy it!


Fire-types need lots of activity, something to let off steam, something challenging. They also like competition. Join a sports league which is also motivation to do some supplemental and cross training. You’ll find many Fire-types in competitive environments like Crossfit. A Fire-type naturally wants to move and compete, but when they are overcome by the challenge of “making it” in the business realm they will readily put this healthy practice aside. You will feel and perform much better though, in all areas of life, when you exercise regularly!


Air and Water-types

These types need regularity. Depending on their second most dominant Body-type they may be able to withstand vigorous workouts, or not. If Air is your primary Body-type, like me, less intense workouts like certain styles of martial arts, yoga, tai chi, walking and dance are very helpful. It’s important for these types to do something that does not exhaust their more delicate constitution. For this type it’s not about the calories burned or the miles walked; consistent, daily activity helps theses types the most.

So, what’s your Body-type? Take the Body-type Quiz in the right sidebar!


Getting Clear

Now you know…

Use these tools to narrow down what it is that you can to do for your body!

Try out some activities or classes. Try as many as you like! Rotate. Once you start looking you’ll be amazed by what you can find, even online!

Most of all, have fun!