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How to Become and Stay Fit After 50! :010

Being Fit after 50 Improves Overall

Quality of Life!




Being physically fit can have a positive emotional and even spiritual component.

Through #funfitness programs such as these I hope to inspire listeners (and readers) to find the particular form of fitness activity that suits them.



In this interview with my dear friends Charlie and Tammy, they share how the weekly ballet class we attend together is not just exercise, it enriches their lives!


Charlie, a tall energetic fellow who would rival Willy Wonka for creativity and Dick Van Dyke for spryness; is a tremendous example of how at 76 years of age you can be more than just a kid at heart!


Tamara (whom we call Tammy) is a heartfelt, graceful and vivacious woman; and at 69 years of age she glides and springs across the dance floor with awe-inspiring levity and is the personification of joy.



These notes are just a summary. I highly encourage you to listen to this lively and heart-warming discussion!



These two inspire me greatly! I hope sharing their insights in this interview inspires you too!


Tammy shares:

  • The role that ballet has played throughout her life.
  • How having malformed feet affected her as a child and how her awareness as a life-long dancer helps her take care of symptoms now.
  • How she made her health and wellness through ballet a priority while raising a family, through a busy teaching career and also as a single parent.
  • How to work around not being able to afford classes. “For years, I was my teacher.” – Tamara
  • How she lost and regained 1/2″ in height!
  • Working with muscles that don’t seem to be getting the message of what to do.



“Ballet as an art, a sport and endeavor is so fulfilling… for the physical strength and balance and flexibility…  also for the intellectual challenge… There’s the artistry, of course, but it goes beyond artistry to spiritual…” – Tamara


“I think being in a class environment really helps.” – Tamara


“I am a grandmother to 6 little children and I’ve been able to pick them up and carry them around and play and roll around on the floor and do well… I think because of the ballet.”

– Tamara


“I have had injuries, I’ve been able to tune in… adapt… to be kind to muscle but not to stop… I adapt what I do to the process of healing… I believe I cut the healing time in half by doing that.” – Tamara



Charlie shares:

  • How Tammy inspired him to enter community theatre and her amusing recommendation to the director for him to play the part of Drosselmeyer in The Nutcracker. “He dances with great spirit, but he’s a sloppy dancer…” FYI… he got the part and will be playing Drosselmeyer for the sixth time this year!
  • Charlie (76) began ballet class at age 63. He admits that he hadn’t even been to many ballets!
  • His ever-present creative side chimes in and shares his first poem and first dance.
  • He adds, ballet and being active has helped him most through pain. “Don’t give up as you feel more and more pain… through arthritis and back pain.” He says, when he gets to ballet class, it goes away!
  • Charlie share the words of advice his father shared with him from his deathbed… a message we can all take to heart!


“Having fun is the biggest part…” – Charlie

“Working through it with other people and working through in a graceful way is nice… other than doing medical things… Stretching, moving turning. You feel alive. And pain is a part of it.” – Charlie

“Ballet has been very important in my life to force me to stay focused.” – Charlie

“I wish more guys would try it (ballet)… and not see it as too feminine or too easy.” – Charlie




Closing thoughts


Tammy, because she was a teacher of foreign language for so many years, she adopted the habit early of striving to always be learning something new to be continually familiar with what it’s like to be a newbie; to better relate with there students. “Come, be humbled, hang in there, be patient with yourself because your brain will adapt to those new elements and you’ll be glad you did!” – Tamara


“…Especially for our children and grandchildren, there has to be joy in the world , there has to be happiness, and if it’s not going to come from the television… it has to come from the people around them. Finding ways to see the happy side of life…” – Charlie



Whether you begin at four, forty, or 64… it’s never too late to find your particular #funfitness activity that keeps you healthy from your head to your heart and even down to your feet!



About Tamara

Tamara Ann Rogers has been a secondary teacher of world languages and a ballet dancer. Born in 1947 in southern Ohio she grew up in a magnolia culture, danced as a performing member of Cincinnati Ballet, and graduated from Denison University in the major of French, with a triple minor in Latin, Dance and Education. Tamara moved to Minnesota in 1972, raised her beloved daughters here, and grew to become a Northerner with a southern flair. Her immediate family expanded with a step-son and treasured grandchildren. She and husband Randall Schumacher are richly involved at their church St Luke, in their community, and in their arts of dance and music.

Tammy and her Granddaughter


About Charlie

Charlie Title created a successful career composing scripts and songs for many corporate and institutional organizations. He spends his retired life dancing, creating tremendously entertaining musicals, chasing his cats back to the house from the woods, serving his wife delicious meals, fitting in travel here and there, and last but not least, enjoying time with his precious grandchildren.


Charlie Title