How to Deal with a Weight or Health Plateau :026

So, You’ve Hit a Plateau

Your Wellness Journey has been trucking along, until now…

It’s hard not to feel disappointment, frustration, even sadness.

Things were going so well. You finally overcame addictions, well ingrained habits, even your own mental roadblocks!


When Your Health Seems at a Standstill… press on!

Despite your best efforts, sometimes the body will seemingly not respond. But it is responding!

It’s doing deeper, inner work. It’s telling you to change things up, or even to be patient and wait.

So continue to support your body through this time, anyway!

When it seems that your weight or health has hit a plateau and there are no signs of improvement, let go of the focus, let go of the goal, step back and gain perspective.



Seek to understand the underlying message…

What are you supposed to see?

What has worked so far? Does something need to be changed?

Are you focusing on the horizon, the ever-distant goal; when you need to focus instead, on the next scenic overlook on this lesson-filled Wellness Journey.

Indeed, you may be at a scenic overlook at this point and your spirit wants you to take a look at how far you have come! Take it in! Soak up your lessons, your accomplishments, cherish who you are at this point in time!


Like the repose of winter, our body, mind and spirit need periods of rest as well.

Sit back. Relax. Observe during this time.

Know that when it’s time for you to press on, your tank will be so full of lessons learned, hope and knowledge gained, that you can go further with the progress of your next stage than just sheer determination could have taken you.


After you have stopped to take in the scenery, plot a new path.

Sit with someone who knows the land and the journey. Discuss which path to take. Stock up on supplies and when your heart and spirit are filled with inspiration, take off once again!

Like any worthwhile journey, the Wellness Journey is full of ups and downs, the “are we there yet’s?”; thrilling passes and long monotonous stretches.

Acknowledge how far you’ve come.

Re-plot the next leg of your journey if necessary.

Find some good companions to share in the fun, rejoice in the victories and to help each other along the way.

Most of all, keep on going! Even if this mean just sitting back, enjoying the scenery and the journey so far! Restore, then press on!