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Angela Created Free Generation Naturals from the Desire to Have a Healthy Pregnancy and a Healthy Child

Motivated to have a healthy pregnancy, fourteen years ago Angela Doyle created her own deodorants and now has a growing line of Free Generation Naturals products.

Even having cancer as a teenager didn’t affect Angela’s awareness of the value of life as much as did becoming pregnant and having the responsibility of caring for another life.

In this interview Angela Doyle, shares her journey of surviving cancer, changing what she used on her body for a healthy pregnancy, and how what she experienced and learned influences her decisions of what to include (or not include) in her own products!


Watch and Listen as Angela shares her story:

  • Surviving mesothelioma as a teenager (often due to exposure to asbestos)
  • How she became more aware and researched what went on her body when she became pregnant
  • Feeling vulnerable and responsible for her growing family and their health
  • Her thoughts and findings of what the FDA has approved and not approved
  • Where to go to find sound information on what is safe to use on and in the body
  • Why sweating can be healthy
  • and more…


What to Use and Not Use

In creating her natural deodorant and growing personal care line, there are ingredients that she seeks to use and not use. In the podcast Angela shares why she uses and doesn’t use certain ingredients. The resources below also give thorough explanation.

To use:

Baking soda (non aluminum)

Magnesium (used in the sensitive skin version)

Coconut oil

Arrowroot powder

Probiotics (for those with the most sensitive skin) – Angela shares why she thinks this will be the next generation of natural products. She explains how the good bacteria inhibits the growth of stinky bacteria that cause body odor.


To avoid:



Phthalates – including “fragrance” and “parfum”




Resources mentioned. Check them out!

Environmental Working Group (EWG)

EWG is a non-profit, non-partisan organization dedicated to protecting human health and the environment. Visitors can look up specific chemicals and ingredients to determine risks. Angela will be applying for certification for her products in 2017.


Campaign for Safe Cosmetics

Campaign for Safe Cosmetics is a non-profit, independent group that requires global compliance with EU regulations.


Think Dirty App

This is an app that allows users to scan products in stores to learn about a product and its ingredients. Also has safety/risk ratings.


Story of Cosmetics

This 7-min animated film examines the pervasive use of toxic chemicals in our everyday personal care products.


Mother Dirt Products

Products that restore and maintain good bacteria on the skin.


About Angela and Free Generation Naturals

Free Generation Naturals launched in August 2016 with the mission to provide a safe and effective natural deodorant option for people of all ages and stages of life. The founder, Angela Doyle, started her own natural deodorant journey 14 years ago when she was pregnant with her daughter, and considered what was going in and on her body that might affect both her and her daughter’s health. As a childhood cancer survivor, Angela was further motivated to provide healthy options for her entire family.
The deodorant formula has been through hundreds of iterations throughout the years, and the line has expanded to include a sensitive skin version in stick form and a probiotic deodorant cream that is suitable for even the most sensitive skin.

Free Generation Naturals also offers a line of beeswax lip balms and will expand into bodycare products, including lotions and body scrubs, in late 2017. Learn more about the products, ingredients and company at www.FreeGenerationNaturals.com.