Holistic Dentist – What Your Oral Health says about your Body :005

A Holistic Dentist can Tell you More About Your Body Than

What’s Going on in Your Mouth!

In this interview with the well-studied and poised holistic dentist, Dr. Tara Kaur, we explore how your oral health is both and indicator and the story-teller of your overall health.


Holistic Dentist- What your oral health says about your body: 005


How did you get into dentistry and then holistic dentistry?

Dr. Kaur shares her background in becoming not only a dentist, but how she gravitated towards the yet uncharted field of holistic dentistry. After practicing dentistry now for 17 years and holistic dentistry for over 10 years, she has solid experience and information to share.



“We connect with people as a whole person… we’re looking at your whole body… your being… your emotions, stress, lifestyle… It all comes together when developing treatment plans.” – Dr. Tara Kaur



What sets you apart?

When asked what sets her practice apart, her first answer was not that she practices holistic dentistry, but that she and her staff look at and treat a person as an individual with unique needs, values and past history. They strive to inform the patient, communicate and educate and allow the patient to be in the driver’s seat. As a patient of Dr. Kaur I can absolutely attest that this is how they operate! And more…


The Mouth-Body Connection

Learning about Weston A. Price, a dentist in the early 20th century has influenced many in the natural health community. His travels and subsequent studies proved that oral health is directly correlated to the quality of diet, no matter in what part of the world you live! and that these were indicators for overall health and especially fertility.


Dr. Kaur shares the studies that especially piqued her interest and cemented the concept of the mouth-body connection.


Two examples of how oral health indicates the condition of the overall body:

  1. Inflammation – (ex. gingivitis of the gums) is an indicator that this inflammation is perhaps occurring throughout the body and degrading the rest of the body as well. This then up-regulates the immune system which can lead to auto-immune disease and conditions: examples include rheumatoid arthritis, digestive disorders, lupus and many other conditions.
  2. Enamel erosion – is a sign that the body’s pH is off and can also be a sign of acid reflux. (Factors such as a diet high in processed food, lack of minerals in the diet, sugar and soda-based drinks, as well as high stress levels can alter the body’s pH greatly. – added by Tara of Weight Free Wellness)



“It’s all connected… What we see in the mouth we see in the body…” – Dr. Tara Kaur



Takeaways to improve oral health:

  • Reduce stress!
  • Increase mineral intake. Stress depletes body of minerals. Add baking soda to toothpaste. Use toothpaste with clay. Take mineral supplement.



Other topics covered in this talk:

  • Differences between holistic and conventional dentistry
  • Safe metal removal – amalgam removal “silver fillings”
  • What is the biological effect of dental procedures and products?
  • Alternatives to silver fillings
  • Biocompatible testing
  • Affects of fluoride
  • Reducing the amount of ionizing radiation i.e. x-rays
  • The benefits of biocompatible composites: looks and function
  • Root canals
  • Micro-fractures in the teeth
  • Clenching
  • Bruxism – teeth grinding
  • Alternatives to night-guards
  • pH and how it affects oral and overall health



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Check out Dr. Kaur’s Website!

It is a Terrific Resource for Information on Holistic Dentistry!

Dr. Tara Kaur’s website www.TaraKaurDDS.com



About Dr. Kaur

Dr. Tara Kaur nurtures patient centered dental care with holistic and biological philosophies. She sees each dental patient as unique and strives to educate, empower, and assist all patients in making informed health care decisions. Her awareness of dental care as it relates to the whole body allows for an integrative and interdisciplinary approach to health. Dr. Kaur is concerned about YOU and how your oral health is contributing to your overall health and wholeness.

Dr. Kaur graduated from University of Minnesota School of Dentistry in 2000. She is a current member of the International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology, the Holistic Dental Association and the Eco-Dentistry Association.

Dr. Kaur has over 1000 hours of continuing education and experience in complementary, alternative and energy healing modalities.  She leads a very blessed life and is grateful to be of service to her patients.


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