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How to Help A Loved-One be Healthy & Intro. :001


It’s very difficult to watch a loved-on lead an unhealthy life;

…eating poor quality foods, not exercising and doing things that are outright harmful to the body.


How to help a Loved One be Healthy


In this podcast my hubby Jon and I discuss what a person can do to help a loved-one create a healthier lifestyle.


You’ll also get a good intro. to us. and meet my other co-host… my cat Starry 🙂


***Learning to create a podcast is a bit like learning to ride a bike. You can observe, take instruction from those who’ve done it- but the first several attempts are going to be wobbly and might make you gasp! We’ll get the hang of this sooner than later. Please be patient as we get this thing going smoothly! Thanks!***



Here are a few summarized tips from the discussion:

  • You can only really help the people who are truly looking for help.
  • The person has to want to make changes. (I would add that regarding health, the “why” may not be to “be healthy” but if you can find a tangential motivation (ex. to be able to play with grandkids with more ease) this could be a good starting point.
  • While Jon had many well-studied and perfectly reasonable solutions for me based on his experience; he encouraged me to go to other teachers early on. (The people closest to you may not be the ideal people to help you move to the next level.)
  • Wait to comment about food choices and habits until well-after your loved-one has enjoyed their experience. From a metaphysical perspective, the thoughts and feelings you experience are more impactful than the physical actions you take. I.e. What you think, you become. (See Dr. Masaru Emoto’s or Bruce Lipton, Ph.D.‘s works for excellent examples of this!)

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