How to Start Using Herbs with Your Family with Herbalist Kami McBride :073

Kami McBride is an herbalist and author whose mission is to change the culture in our houses, communities, and country to one that embraces and cultivates a relationship with plants in our every-day lives.

She takes herbal concepts and theories and translates them to practical, simple strategies that everyone can use to bring the gift and power of plants into every home and every community.  After decades of teaching, she has mastered the skill of bridging conceptual herbal knowledge with practical hands-on strategies to build personal relationships with plants so we can spread their magic throughout our homes and our communities.  Her four pillars of herbalism teach us these practical skills, and allow us to harness the gift the plants offer.

Listen to this podcast to hear:

  • What are the four pillars of herbal home care?
  • Why it’s important to use herbs every day to use them most effectively during illness.
  • How cultural “symptom suppression” deprogramming is essential in using herbalism effectively.
  • How herbal teas can be used as self-care rituals and family care.
  • How making your teas beautiful is part of the medicine of herbs.
  • How to meet people where they are when introducing them to herbalism.
  • How “herb sprinkles” can be used every meal to support digestion, nutrition, and health.
  • How herb-infused oils can be used to support lymph and decrease dryness.
  • How herbal oils are the “least amount of effort for maximum return”.
  • Why “when people get dry they get grouchy,” and how “oiling keeps us happy”.
  • How herbal oils can be used to nurture ourselves and teach our kids self-care.
  • “Nurture yourself and your child at the same time.” Herbalist Kami McBride
  • How herbal baths can be used for self-care and getting herbs into the body, and how to create herbal baths.
  • How getting out of the book and fostering your relationship with a few plants is key to home herbalism.
  • How using the herbs daily during calm times is crucial to using that connection during times when your brain is too tired or sick or crazy to think.
  • How changing our perception of herbalism to include giving back to the plants that give to us is crucial to sustain the culture of herbalism: “local food, local medicine, urban farm, and urban pharmacy.”


About Kami

Herbalist Kami McBride - LivingAwareness.com

Kami McBride is a clinical herbalist graduate of the Southwest School of Botanical Medicine (1991) and author of The Herbal Kitchen. Kami has taught herbal medicine in the Complementary and Alternative Medicine Department at University of California, San Francisco School of Nursing. She has helped thousands of families to use herbs and natural remedies for their self-care to prevent illness, take care of common ailments and protect their health naturally.

Find resources from Kami at LivingAwareness.com. Check out her incredibly practical and helpful book The Herbal Kitchen and Free Home Herbalism Video Masterclass.