Improve Your Health – Get Results! :033

Improve Your Health – it’s Simple!

Ok, don’t kick me to the curb yet. I know when you’re in the midst of struggling with health issues this just does not seem true.

I know that it may seem difficult. You may be able to count on all hands and feet how many diets and programs you’ve done. But that’s just it. Being healthy is not about being on a program.


To improve in any area in life you need to consistently change your habits, right?

To get Results, it’s not about Intensity, it’s about Consistency!


Years ago I forced my body to get the results I wanted. Like any relationship, when you continually force what you want, the other party begins to resist.

Looking back, and now with a lot more life experience, I know that the best things in life take consistent effort, over time, and are done in cooperation.



Have sound goal in mind

To truly improve your health, you will need to make truly healthy goals. Rarely is a goal to achieve a certain weight healthy. Instead, institute the healthy practices that you know are necessary, and be surprised how you achieve a healthy weight!

Employ consistent effort and over time and with a bit (or sometimes a lot!) of letting go, allow nature to take its course, you will see your desired results.

The best things in life take consistent care and time

This is the way the finest wines are produced and even enjoyed years after consistent care.

Similarly, relationships grow and improve with a common desire and continued attention.

A growing family needs great tending: feeding, pruning, guiding, allowing and continued care to bear enjoyable fruit.

Even when bread dough is forcefully kneaded, it is still allowed to rest, to rise, to become the beautiful loaf it is meant to be through the process; even through the intense heat of the oven.

But the bread is not meant to be constantly kneaded, nor continually baked. A wine left to continually ferment is not a product you would want to drink by the glassful! How dull is a relationship that is constantly being picked at and pruned, with no room for spontaneity, un-bound growth or even fun!


Working with the body for your fitness or wellness is the same!

Imagine the fine product you’d like to create with yourself.

Find the elements you must work with, address them patiently but diligently step by step.

Push, pound and force only when absolutely necessary.

Be consistent and open up space for growth and change.

And enjoy every sign of growth!