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Irritated by Your Partner? You’re not Alone! :007

Being irritated by our partners is rare in the early days together…

Often-times we are so  caught up in new discoveries about each other that it’s easy to ignore if not just plain not see things that flip our switches years later.


After 16 years of an eventful, love-filled and also challenge-filled life together; my hubby and I open-up about our pet peeves with each other and how we manage them within ourselves and with the other person.




I do want to preface that by ‘partner’ we mean any two adults who are in a committed, monogamous relationship. Based upon our experience and preferences, clearly this is going to be especially relatable for heterosexual relationships.


In this episode we cover:


Toilet Dribble (I can’t believe that we ended up starting on this topic!)

Why is this such a big deal!?

Dealing (or not dealing) with ex’s.

Not everyone is able to simply make a clean-cut with their ex, but there are some things you can do to make life easier for you and your new partner; in a nutshell, set boundaries…


What to have for dinner

I share when/why I get upset when my hubby wants to go out to eat…



My hubby has been carefully curating movies for us to watch together all these years… I learn in this podcast! <3



Learn more than you ever need to know…



Good, bad or ugly, we have found success in our relationship by depending on each other; i.e. only bringing others into our relationship for help under specific circumstances and when both partners are present.



What’s your agreement? And, the question comes up…



…How can I help you help me?


Video games…

Where do they stand in your relationship? Between you?

Is it possible to justify a place for video games when you get blank stares and nebulous responses when trying to communicate with a partner who’s playing video games?

Jon talks about John Gray (When Mars and Venus Collide) and how: men meed adventure… they take failure hard- and how video games can fill this void.


Why to give 100% / 100% in the relationship

Then when one partner is having an ‘off’ day, you can still operate at least a 100%



Simplify where you can.

We make our lives as complicated or as simple as we want. Where will it benefit you to simplify?


What is nagging, really?

Women get blamed for nagging, but what do they mean? How do men interpret this and what does it do to the relationship?


Treat me how I treat you…

A variable on ‘The Golden Rule’ because your standards of “…how you want to be treated.” might be much lower than the standards for how I want to be treated. It’s a bit of a mind-bender, but give it a go!


Why don’t guys listen?

How to get the attention of your man…


Why to treat your partner like a king/queen

This doesn’t mean necessarily to wait on them at every turn and address him or her as, ‘Your Highness,’ but any relationship can be benefitted with an increase in courtesy.



What are your secrets to a happy, healthy relationship!?