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Hello my name is Jon Baklund.  I have a great desire to help people reach higher levels of success than they ever have, the areas that I work with people in are the Body, Mind & Spirit.

My adventures and training have lead me in many directions and through many different modalities and stages of personal development.  Training with some of the worlds most enlightened and gracious people has lead me to who I am right now.

Training history:

  • 1986 Martial Arts in many forms, 1989 to present, training under Guro Rick Faye, at the Minnesota Kali Group.
  • 1996 Trained at Farsight Institute in Remote Viewing through instructor level Under Courtney Browne, Simeon Hein, Matthew Pfeiffer, Joan Lundgren & Wayne Carr.
  • 1998 NLP Comprehensive for a month long immersion course training under Tom Best, Charles Falkner, Robert McDonald, Steve Andreas, Connirae Andreas, Tim Hallbom, Suzi Smith.

2004 I founded Inomanti International, a organization that trains people in Body, Mind & Spirit connection through physical, mental & spiritual modalities.

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