Overcome Resistance on Your Health Journey :036

Resistance shows up in a number of ways on your Health Journey

When you dedicate yourself to a healthier way of living, this first push-back you feel is you overcoming your own resistance. This is good because you will need the strength of overcoming your own resistance to overcome resistance from others.


 Resistance from Self

The resistance you get from yourself is really a fear of letting go of the familiar and the resulting consequences. You might ask:

  • If you change your way of eating how will you convince your family members to do the same?
  • Or, how will you make time to prepare separate meals?
  • If you join the class that helped you to feel healthier before, how will you make time for your family?

The list goes on of worries and concerns. They can be very real and seemingly unsurmountable, they might be many small things that deter you from instituting the change that you know you need to in order to achieve the level of health you ultimately desire or even need in your life.

This resistance is normal. There will come a point when the pain of your ailments or just knowing and feeling that your health is suffering, that all the excuses will go out the window. You will do away with them. You will bust out of your cocoon and choose a new life – a new way of being.

Overcoming self resistance just happens, like the butterfly emerging from the cocoon. One day you’re just too big (read: fed up) with your circumstance. You cannot stand being within this cramped space any longer. If you’re experiencing frustration, this is good. You’re getting to the point of emerging from your cocoon, and once you overcome yourself, you can totally manage any resistance from others.


Resistance from Others

Getting through your own resistance helps to prepare you for dealing with external resistance.

It may seem counterintuitive, but sometimes those who are closest, those who say they love us, can cause the greatest resistance.

They know the “old you” – they like “the old you” even if they complain about us at times. The old you is predictable to them. Predictable means comfortable. Who doesn’t like to feel comfortable, especially around loved-ones?

Loved ones may say that they support our health and healing path, but this means that their life will change also; especially the closer they are to us.

Many of us say we want change. We desire a certain result, but rarely do we understand or are we comfortable with the little changes along the way that are required for the big change to happen.

The people nearest you may truly want the end result, the goal, for you; but they may not realize the changes that may result in their life. Recognize this.

The people with your best interest at heart will support your healthy changes – or at least be neutral so long as in the process this does not mean that you are destructive to others. Communicate with those closest to you. Express the importance of you making these changes and how it can help not only you, but other areas of your life – even how it may benefit them.

Make new agreements about time shared (maybe even exercise together!), household duties and roles, to help you create new healthy habits.

If you expect that those closest to you will just adapt to your new way of eating, new exercise schedule or change in priorities they may feel left out or even taken advantage of. Communicate instead of just expecting the support.

Set yourself up for success!


If you still experience resistance

Carry on through the challenges of those resisting you.

You are the product of your environment and as you seek a healthy lifestyle you will be faced with deciding whom you allow in your environment.

Learn to be very discerning on what is necessary and what is not. Be solution oriented. Seek to find the possibilities, not the limitations!

Make healthy changes anyway – despite the resistance. Trust your instincts. Seek to learn what this experience is teaching you.

What you may not know is that you are lighting the way. You inspire others to lead a healthy life – you open the door for others to think it’s possible for them!