From Pain to Podcast :028


To put it simply, Pain Inspired this podcast

One thing I can say for sure; Your pain has a message for you!

At a young age I had experienced the type of health challenges that people many times my age might face due to prolonged stress and abuse to their bodies.

I’ve overcome the symptoms of Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Celiac Disease, and painful skin conditions. I treated my underlying nutritional deficiencies, resulting anxiety and depression, irregular menstrual cycles and more. Doctors were not readily diagnosing IBS and Celiac Disease at the time I was experiencing the height of my symptoms in the late 80’s. This is why I say “I experienced symptoms…” I found many more answers to my ailments as soon as I began researching and taking control of my own health.

As a young adult I endured painful hardships in relationships.

It was such an excruciating time; as they say, I would not wish this on my worst enemies. I address emotional and relationship health as a part of overall wellness because it has as much or more affect on us as diet, nutrition and exercise.

These hardships and overcoming made me stronger and wiser.

Having overcome great struggles myself, it is very difficult to see others feeling they are a victim of their own bodies and situations.

Naturally I am empathic person. I feel, to varying degrees, what others are experiencing. It was, and still is, very difficult to experience others’ suffering.

I knew I would contribute someday, somehow; to educate, up-lift and inspire others to overcome as well.

Ever since I was a teenager I had a growing desire – no it was a drive! – to discover and create what I could in order to help others.

This drive, this thing that was to become Weight Free Wellness hounded me to overcome, to discover, to create, to learn things I hated to do (technology) so that I would be prepared to receive the name “Weight Free Wellness” and to do something with it!


When it comes to helping people, there are a few routes (probably many) that one can go.

  • One is simply giving of oneself and giving resources in order to help.
  • Another is to teach.
  • One that is often overlooked; it can be misinterpreted as brute capitalism. They are those who create opportunities for others so they too feel they have a sense of meaning and purpose in this world.
  • And finally, there are those that shine the light.


Those who serve and give don’t always fit into just one of the above categories.

Indeed, this podcast, this entire Weight Free Wellness endeavor, fits into multiple categories and will grow and change.

The most valuable resource we have is time. I simply did not have enough time to educate and share with people what I had learned, and reach as many people as I wanted to help, by talking to one person at a time. I had to expand my reach. Hence, the podcast.


You learn to propel yourself when you read or listen to information.

There are times when we need to feel the direct power and passion by sitting across from someone as they share their experience and story. There is an initial high, but this can wear off. The most valuable tools for me have been those I could read and listen to over and over for education, support and inspiration. The most victorious achievements were those I accomplished by finding and assembling the puzzle pieces myself. Sure, I might have a mentor or guide who chimes in, to at times to shed some light, to teach, but not do for me what I could do for myself. As the saying goes, “…teach a man to fish…” Weight Free Wellness is about empowerment. We’ll help you find the puzzle pieces, we’ll even demonstrate how to put them together, but you are the only one who can put in the work.


Teachers all Around us

I used to feel overwhelmed thinking that I had to continue to be on the cutting edge of all health and wellness information; that I had to have all the information. What a relief when I realized that this is simply not possible. This is not where I thrive. I love to share, to help, to lift up and shine the light on others who are doing the amazing ground-breaking work. I love finding these people, learning what they do and creating a platform for them to share. Weight Free Wellness is about making your Wellness Journey simpler by helping you find the teachers and resources to help you on your way.


Connection and Opportunities

We are at an amazing time of technology and creation. Arguably, the most challenging of things these days is keeping up with all the information and opportunities available to us. I aspire to help connect those in need of valuable health-supporting resources with those brilliant people who dedicate their life’s work to creating the tools (even if this tool is themselves!) to help and heal others. Weight Free Wellness is about helping to create opportunities for those dedicated to teaching, providing services and creating healthy products by helping people connect.


Bringing it Together and Shedding Light

Through the pain and the victories of my own Wellness Journey I have learned many things: what to pack, which routes to take and in which season, whom to have as a companion along the way, and when to seek a guide. It is my absolute pleasure to empower others on their Journey in health, life… it all relates. Weight Free Wellness is about empowerment.


The Underlying Messages

There are threads that I tie into many of the posts and podcasts: here they are, if you haven’t noticed them already 🙂

  • Healing is possible
  • The Healing Journey can be simple.
  • Love yourself – develop self-compassion – you must begin here!
  • You can overcome whatever you’re going through – it’ll be worth it!
  • Sometimes you need to fight, sometimes you need to sit back… and at all times, Love.
  • You are loved… Love heals!


Watch, Listen, Read… Enjoy!


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