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Revive Your Relationship and Have Fun Doing it! :019

Be inspired to revive your relationship!

Our relationship has gone through all kinds of bumps and bruises, but with intense care, we come out healthier each time.

After sixteen years of marriage we are still mistaken for newly-weds. I don’t mean to mislead you; this doesn’t mean that things are rosy all the time, but we do have a few things to share to help you be like this too, most of the time.

In this episode Jon and I share how random mutual appreciation sessions keep the love stoked between us.

This is a casual, fun and open discussion with some especially rich insights at the end.


Revive Your Relationship

Revive Your Relationship with These “Secrets” from our Sixteen-year Marriage:

  • Generously give compliments
  • Express appreciation for one another as much as possible (It’s like fertilizer water on the sensitive “relationship plant”.)
  • Avoiding criticizing as much as possible! (It’s absolute poison for the “relationship plant”.)
  • Make openings for Random Mutual Appreciation Sessions: turn off the cell phones, get a babysitter, sit across from one another at dinner whether at a restaurant or at home, turn down the lights, focus on one another, start digging for the gold in your history!
  • Reminisce – what are the “good ol’ days” moments? These memories need to be visited often!
  • Be careful with each others’ emotions. To be open and share deep feelings is a very vulnerable position. It seems counterintuitive, but the longer the relationship has gone on, the more “dirt” you have on one-another. Throwing dirt or getting in a mud-slinging match will close the doors to intimacy. Protect your relationship from rash emotions and actions.

We genuinely hope that our conversation inspires you!

Hopefully you’ll be entertained a bit in the process too!


As always the audio and video recordings are much more complete. We invite you to…

Watch, Listen… Enjoy!