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How to Get Unstuck Naturally – My Color Consultation with Janelle Sjodin :057

I wish I had known about color therapy as a tool to get “Unstuck” years ago!

When I went in for my first color therapy appointment with Janelle, I was very excited. I had already seen the vibrant bottles of water and oil-based liquid that make up the core of the Aura-Soma line of products; but I had yet to discover what it was all about.

I sat down in the hair styling chair that I’d been accustomed to – being Janelle’s hair client as well… you could say that color is Janelle’s “thing”.

She guided me through a grounding exercise which I really needed that day. I was having a wonderful day, but did not have both fee firmly planted on the ground. After that we dove in. She asked me 4 specific questions and after each one I chose a shiny glass bottle with the colorful oil and water mixture that represented the answer to that question. I couldn’t trust my rational mind to stay out of this intuitive process, so I closed my eyes and waved my hands over the bottles to sense which one was the one to choose. Being a intuitive kinesthetic “feeler” this method worked very well for me!

After I chose each bottle…

Janelle went through the “reading” process, explaining – similar to how an astrologer would read your chart – what each bottle meant.

The interpretations were so spot on! Also, the bottle that I needed to heal a certain aspect of my life at that time was, as Janelle prefaced, just what I needed – but didn’t make sense at the time.

It was an amazing process that brought extra clarity and confirmation to what was already going well for me in my life as well as soul-level healing that reflected into my emotional and mental life as well.

How else can color therapy help?

While at this point I intend to use this as a way to keep nudging myself forward in spiritual, emotional, mental and even physical health – I saw the connection immediately that this would have been immensely helpful at times when I felt very stuck and unclear in life.

As Janelle explains in this podcast, Color Therapy can be used for so many reasons but we both agreed that it’s especially good for those times when you feel stuck, don’t know where else to go or what to do – it helps the solutions come to you! Get Unstuck!


Janelle Sjodin - Allura Hair & Wellness - Aura-Soma

Highlights of our talk:

  • Where Aura Soma comes from, who created it
  • What is Color Therapy?
  • A therapy for empaths
  • How this therapy specifically helps
  • Aura-Soma Self Selective Color Care System
  • What is an Aura-Soma Color Consultation like?
  • We go over the amazing process and results of my Consultation!
  • “Aura-Soma gives you that experience to start trusting that you did have all those answers, you do know where you are at in your life and what’s preventing you from getting where you need to be… It’s very empowering.” – Janelle Sjodin
  • Get unstuck, practice intuition, tune-in
  • When you don’t know how to work through emotions
  • What each bottle pick means
  • How to use Aura-Soma
  • How often should one go in for a color consultation?
  • “It’s good to be in touch with your emotions and understand them and know where they live in your body… when you have that correlations you can really start to be your own master.” – Janelle Sjodin


About Janelle

Janelle Sjodin - Allura Hair & Wellness - Aura-SomaIn a world of chaos there is a desire to find a place of serenity to reconnect with who you are.

Somewhere that when you enter the room, all of your to do lists and multi-tasking can be left behind.

My studio will provide you this space with a nature-like tranquil setting to unwind and reconnect with yourself while receiving your hair and wellness services.

I will use my years of knowledge and intuition to create a customized look for you while you experience a relaxing environment involving my passions for essential oils, healing crystals & stones, Biomat Far Infrared sessions, Aura-Soma Color Therapy, Meditation, and high integrity product lines. All which will help ground you from the busyness of the world.

I would be honored to be a part of your self care regimen for your hair, mind, body and spirit.

You will leave my studio not only with a personalized look you love, you will also feel amazing and balanced from inside out.

In Light …

Janelle Sjodin

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