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Guro Rick Faye and Josh Prior of MKG Madison :058

MKG (Minnesota Kali Group) affiliated schools teach a variety of arts from Bruce Lee’s JKD; to Kali, Thai Boxing, Silat, Jiu Jitsu, CSW (wrestling) and focus on fitness, fun and function!

Guro Rick (MKG Minneapolis,MN) and Josh (MKG Madison, WI) really hit it home on how these arts are great not only for physical health, but brain health (neuro-plasticity) as well.

Josh also shares how they have transformed their kids’ program to focus around brain health and nonviolence.


We humbly ask – Help Guro Rick’s wife Marla Faye in her healing journey with cancer…

Please visit their Go Fund Me Page


Guro Rick Faye, Guro Dan Inosanto and Josh Prior

Josh Prior (MKG Madison) – Guro Dan Inosanto – Guro Rick Faye (MKG Minneapolis – MKG Founder)


Here are some for highlights of the discussion:

  • How Josh Prior, owner of MKG Madison got started in martial arts
  • What are Kali and JKD
  • Josh and Guro Rick’s perspective on martial arts: sports, art, training, self-defense, fitness…
  • The impact of a welcoming community
  • Bilateral movement
  • Using double stick work (sinawali) to “warm-up” the brain to perform better at other tasks
  • How stick work improves empty-hand work.
  • No more boring workouts!
  • “. . . he was training martial arts to lose weight, now he’s losing weight to train martial arts.” – Josh Prior MKG Madison
  • Altering training through body changes: arthritis, back pain, sciatica, etc.
  • “Martial arts is what keeps me from getting worse [body pain].” – Josh Prior MKG Madison
  • “It was an encouragement to me to be who I was and simultaneously change my body [through martial arts].” – Josh Prior MKG Madison
  • “I really believe we’ve been given the ‘Fountain of Youth’ through this art.” – Guro Rick Faye
  • Kids and martial arts – development and handling the ‘combative element”
  • “If we can create more peaceful, functional people… the world is going to be that much better.” – Josh Prior MKG Madison
  • “If I could recommend anything to people for their kids is, take the computer away.” – Guro Rick Faye
  • Attention span of youth
  • Present moment consciousness
  • Martial arts – more than self-defense


Guro Rick Faye and Josh Prior

Josh Prior (MGK Madison) and Guro Rick Faye (MKG Minneapolis – MGK Founder)


About Josh Prior

JJosh Prior MKG Madisonosh Prior and his wife Ruth are co-owners MKG International Martial Arts Madison. Josh has been training martial arts for over 18 years. He started training martial arts in 1997 in the discipline of Jun Fan JKD (Bruce Lee’s research and expression of martial arts). Through his training he has been exposed to many different types of martial arts: Kali (weapons and empty handed arts from the Philippines and Southeast Asia), Jun Fan/JKD Concepts, Muay Thai (kickboxing from Thailand), grappling (from many different arts), Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (Brazilian’s grappling art adapted from Judo), to name a few. In 2005, he started training and teaching at a local school where he developed the kids curriculum and taught all of the kids classes. During his martial arts career he has traveled to expand his knowledge of the martial arts. He has spent the majority of his training travels in Minneapolis at Rick Faye’s internationally recognized martial arts academy Minnesota Kali Group and in August 2010 Josh received his Level 1 Instructors certification. In December 2010, the school that Josh was currently teaching at decided to go a different direction, which allowed Josh to follow his dreams of starting his own martial arts academy. In February 2011, he made another trip to MKG to discuss the possibility of starting a branch in the Madison area. Rick Faye gave him his support and blessing for Josh to pursue his dream, thus MKG International Martial Arts Madison was born.

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“It’s not OK to Punch Somebody” says World-Renowned Martial Artist, Guro Rick Faye :043

“Martial Arts as a Way of Life”

…was how I thought this podcast would be titled, I informed Guru Rick Faye.


We humbly ask – Help Guro Rick’s wife Marla Faye in her healing journey with cancer…

Please visit their Go Fund Me Page


As we talked I heard all kinds of lesson and great, catchy titles for this podcast:

“What a World-renowned Martial Arts Teacher says about Violence”

“Bruce Lee’s Teachings Applied in the 21st Century”

“Yes, That Will Hurt Later”

“What Does an Early (before there was “MMA”) MMA Teachers Think of the UFC?”

“The Love Speech by Dan Inosanto that made Guru Rick Faye Want to be a Martial Arts Instructor”

The list goes on…


By Guro Rick’s Unofficial Request

It’s funny how you (I mean me) can fool yourself; thinking you are guiding Life, the Universe, or the Guro…

Soon enough I heard what the title should really be. Oh, how Guros teach without really trying… or are they?

Guro Rick said if there’s anything he’d like to be known for, it’s to be the Martial Arts Instructor who says, “It’s not OK to punch somebody.” So, his wish… Spread the word!


Watch or Listen to the Podcast for all the gems with Guro Rick Faye!


In this talk we cover many topics. Enjoy!

  • Training for Longevity and Guro Rick’s suggestion for diet and training


“The more veggies you can work into your diet the better off you’ll be – and that’s just a fact.”

– Guro Rick Faye

  • What is Kali, really? The 12 Categories
  • JKD – Jeet Kune Do
  • Neuroplasticity
  • Why Richard Simmons is one of Guru Rick’s heroes


“Slow & mindful. Progressive, slow improvement. Mindful movement.” – Guro Rick Faye


  • Attributes training – Progressive training
  • Kali triangle: Skill, Fight, Play – The role of Play.
  • Guru Rick’s recommendations for daily practice/training
  • How Guru Rick overcomes painful joints mentally and physically


“Is this training harming my body?” – Guro Rick Faye


  • What Thai pads are called “the brutal mirror”
  • What Guro Rick recommends to those in their 30’s and younger (and everyone) for healthier training
  • Muscle vs. Connective tissue
  • Comparing
  • Open-mindedness in JKD terms


“I’m not interested in violence… I want to stay away from it.” – Guro Rick Faye


  • Perceptions and Prejudices
  • What Guro Rick thinks of the UFC
  • Violence
  • Emotional/Verbal Violence
  • What are the best days to Guro Rick Faye
  • Guro Rick’s experience with Tony Robbins
  • Gratitude to Guro Dan Inosanto
  • And of course there are many great stories! Enjoy!


“If you train just right it’s a callus. If you train wrong it’s a blister.” – John LaCoste

“Just be grateful for what you can do.” – Guro Rick Faye

“When I’m 95 I’m going to be training.” – Guro Rick Faye


Helpful Links:

Minnesota Kali Group Website – Check out the Online University! 

Cognitive Kali – TED Talk by Paul McCarthy 

The Tao of Jeet Kune Do by Bruce Lee – book

Sugar Blues – book


Other Podcasts with Guro Rick Faye

Erik Paulson CSW Podcast


About Guro Rick Faye


Founder of the world renowned martial arts school, the Minnesota Kali Group, Rick Faye isdedicated to the highest levels of training and individual improvement in the martial arts.  In addition to being the MKG owner and head instructor of the Minnesota Kali Group and his instructor development organization, MKG International, Rick is considered one of the top instructors in the JKD family world wide. Rick’s impressive reputation for seminars on the art, self-defense and law enforcement topics keep him in demand locally, nationally & internationally.

Rick Faye’s credentials include 2 Senior Full Instructorships under Dan Inosanto (Jun Fan/Jeet Kune Do & the Filipino Martial Arts), and a 5th level Maphilindo Silat Instructorship under Guro Inosanto. He is a regional director for the Thai Boxing Association, U.S.A. and holds the level of Ajarn (Senior Instructor) in Muay Thai under Grandmaster Chai Sirisute. He also holds instructorships in Wing Chun Gung Fu, Sensei Erik Paulson’s C.S.W. curriculum (Combat Submission Wrestling) and numerous other arts.  Rick’s teaching methods have paved the way for both the fighter, the martial artist and the martial art enthusiast to all thrive and excel in this complex and functional martial art system.

Rick’s devotion to the art is evidenced by his belief in constant training of the basics and an impressive attention to detail. This enthusiasm is integral to his teaching and helps his students learn and maintain their excitement. The results of this work ethic are obvious in both his art and his teaching.

Visit the website.

Learn via the online university or at an affiliate school near you!