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Dina Amsterdam Founder of InnerYoga on “Embodied Presence,” Montessori and Leadership :051

Dina Amsterdam, founder of InnerYoga and so much more!

“InnerYoga – How you meet life’s challenges and opportunities, on and off the mat.

Awareness. Kindness. Breath. Ease. Courage.”

Despite being involved in several projects, Dina teaches regular yoga classes in the San Francisco Bay Area, conducts InnerYoga teacher trainings, and is working on a couple of books. She admits enthusiastically that what is taking up a great deal of her time is her role which began at the MIT Media Lab.

Dina is the National Director of Leadership Development Coaching and Wholeness (creating a culture of wholeness) for the The Wildflower Foundation Schools.


“In order to be deeply healthy and empowered it’s important to be connected to the physical body, the emotional body, the mental body, the spiritual body and the energy body.”

– Dina Amsterdam, InnerYoga


Here are some of the intriguing topics we discussed:

  • Do you have to meditate in a crossed legged position on the floor to benefit? Dina shares about “Embodied Presence”
  • How the market crash in 2008 prompted her to expand her yoga teaching for her students who had increasing need
  • Perspective
  • InnerYoga is about Self-observation without Judgement, Cultivating Kindness
  • Dina emphasizes that one thing that makes her yoga teacher training unique is that about half of the training is how to take yoga into your life. Living your yoga!
  • Inspiration
  • Dina coaches leadership capacity with Montessori teacher and C-level clients (Well-being in the Workplace). She shares some key coaching insights she gives her clients.
  • “It’s really about helping a person identify what their biggest challenges are and then helping them see how they can utilize that challenge as an opportunity.” – Dina Amsterdam, InnerYoga
  • Courage
  • What is “acceptance”?
  • Fierce Compassion
  • Eating Disorder – Binge Eating
  • Her role as National Director of Leadership Development Coaching and Wholeness (creating a culture of wholeness) with MIT Media Lab and the Cambridge-based Wildflower Montessori School pilot Lab School
  • How she coaches Montessori teachers to set up their “inner environment”.
  • Wildflower Montessori: shop-front concept, the role of nature, artist in residence, community, etc.
  • “We believe that the environment deeply impacts the children.” – Dina Amsterdam, InnerYoga
  • “The parents are just as important to us as the children.” – Dina Amsterdam, InnerYoga
  • Inner Landscape Cards – Tools that she has created to help children (and adults) navigate their “inner landscape”: faces, landscapes and color washes to help children express how they are feeling.
  • Dina shares her InnerYoga wisdom of how to navigate emotions in challenging times.
  • Vulnerability
  • Anger
  • To Facebook or not to Facebook?


About Dina Amsterdam

Dina Amsterdam has been leading mindfulness-based offerings for over 20 years. She is currently a visiting scholar at the MIT Media Lab in Cambridge, MA, and works privately with a variety of organizations as an executive coach and head of leadership training and development through her company Leadership Within.

Dina’s Leadership Within mission is to transform workplace and educational environments into cultures of evolutionary self-awareness, embodied presence, and inspired collaborative creative purpose. For the last several years, she has been honored to do this work in support of the Wildflower Montessori network of schools, an open-source approach to Montessori learning developed at the MIT Media Lab. Additional current and previous clients have hailed from Google, Founders Fund, Expedia, the New Yorker, and Innovation Endeavors—to name a few.

A yogi and meditator of over 20 years, Dina is the founder of InnerYoga, a therapeutic approach to yoga that invites deep inner listening and awakens the 4 foundations of awareness, kindness, breath, and ease within those who practice it.

The philosophy and methodology of InnerYoga is deeply rooted in a variety of ancient wisdom practices as well as psychoneuroimmunology—the scientific understanding of the body-mind as the interaction between psychological processes and the nervous and immune systems.

To date, through both Leadership Within and InnerYoga, Dina has supported well over 100,000 people, in person, on their path to embodied mindful well-being and evolutionary living.

Check out Dina’s website.