Flower Essences – Natural Remedies for Physical and Emotional Aspects of the Menstrual Cycle – with Loey Colebeck :061

Flower essences can gently and effectively help emotional and physical ailments

This podcast has a particularly feminine vibe to it as Holistic Therapist and Accredited Flower Essence Therapist, Loey Colebeck shares about the healing powers of flower essences and as it applies to the menstrual cycle and women in particular.

This is a branch of herbal medicine that, in my opinion, deserves a greater following.

Loey,  also shares how she originally became interested in herbal remedies and why she specializes in Flower Essence Therapy as a part of her Holistic Therapy practice. With a great deal of education and experience in her time in Barcelona, Spain – where this therapy is taken much more seriously than in the US – her perspective is rather unique. She has also translated a flower essence book from Spanish to English and uses several other natural therapies that complement one another.


Loey Colebeck - Weight Free Wellness Podcast


Here are some of the topics we covered in this talk:

  • Psychotherapy tools paired with her flower essence therapy: Gestalt, Family Constellation
  • “As the founder of this [flower essence] therapy said, ‘Flower essences help bring your personality closer to your soul.’ In other words – in psychotherapeutic terms, to go into the shadow, the catalyze consciousness.”
  • “Truly the mind and body are not separate and flower essences help to create that connection.”
  • What may not have made it into the podcast: in Cuba flower essence therapy is taken very seriously and is a medical specialization; flower essence therapy can affect more than emotions (which is how they are most commonly scene to be used in the US).
  • What are flower essences? On one end of the spectrum we have essential oils which use a lot of plant material and produce a small, concentrated amount of product. In the middle we have the plant material itself used in teas, capsules and tinctures which are close to a 1:1 ratio of dosage; and finally flower essence on the other end of the spectrum. Essentially flowers, at their prime state, are placed into water and absorbs the essence, the message or Gestalt of the flower and when we take this remedy we take on this energy to provide a blueprint for healing. Another explanation – imagine giving a bouquet of flowers to a friend. If you give this friend daisies, it caries a certain fun friendship sentiment as a gesture. If you give this friend roses, there is an element of conveying love – which can also be further specified by the color. Similarly, the vast array of flower essences are used to carry on the message or blueprint of the flower to the body, to patch what needs mending.
  • What about the placebo affect?
  • A flower essence trade secret using Agrimony
  • Using flower essences for PMS!
  • How can a woman in today’s day and age actually take a break during her menstrual cycle? In a nutshell – make it a priority! There’s a flower essence to help with that!
  • Do you have “stagnant liver chi”? Anger and the liver and how it relates to the cycle: screen time, sitting, not speaking up…
  • Is this going to get worse as I get older?
  • Shedding…
  • A single remedy can take care of multiple related symptoms: ruminating thoughts and digestive issues…
  • Help finding (or getting closer to) your true essence.

About Loey Colebeck

Loey Colebeck Flower Essence Therapist - Weight Free Wellness PodcastLoyola (Loey) Colebeck’s integrative clinical work is based in holistic approaches for psychological wellness that is reflected in physical health, and physical health that promotes psychological wellness.

Her work is primarily focused on personal constitution, family systems, and trauma healing. She combines Flower Essence Therapy, psychotherapy tools and Constellation work, Chinese medicine and Taoist tools, and core feminine embodiment practices such as the Jade Egg.

Loey also brings advanced, accredited, Integrative Flower Essence Therapy from Spain to her home State of Minnesota, providing clients and students with high quality care and training.

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