Urban Farming with Greg Peterson :077

Permaculturalist Greg Peterson teaches urban farming, proving it’s not the size of the yard that counts!

Greg Peterson is an entrepreneur and permaculturalist who has dedicated his life to changing the food system, starting in his back yard. Greg has a gift for turning his amazing ideas into reality, not letting any fears hold him back. He is the creator of Urban Farm University, where he creates free and paid courses to help everyone everywhere learn how to turn lawns into food – Urban Farming! His incessant positive attitude, contagious except to the most negative of ninnies, steers him on his mission both in-person and online to get real food into real people, making the world more awesome from the inside out.


“Here’s what I know. Everybody needs to eat. And if we’re going to be healthy, everybody needs to eat healthy food.” – Greg Peterson, Urban Farm U


Listen to the podcast to hear:

  • How you don’t need acreage to grow your own real food, and what all Greg accomplishes on his ¼ acre urban lot with “a little bit of land and planning” – Urban Farming!
  • Greg’s story of how he turned his 7th-grade vision of healing the food system into reality.
  • How the “art and science of working with nature” can help us use our space efficiently and effectively.
  • How defining his role on the planet at a weekend workshop 26 years ago still gives him chills and motivation to sustain his mission of transforming the food system.
  • How the notion of lack and scarcity only lives in our heads.
  • How stepping into prosperity consciousness is where happiness exists, and how the garden is one of the best visions of prosperity and gateways to happiness.
  • How Greg found the courage to stay strong to his mission despite disheartening and even mean-spirited beginnings.
  • What model is best to spread garden knowledge in your community.
  • How to know when to start teaching what you know to your community.
  • How you don’t have to be a gardener to be part of the real-food movement, and ways you can contribute instead.
  • The difference between verbal passion versus active passion, and how exploring multiple experiences and embracing failure can help us bridge that gap.
  • Greg’s local Great American Seed Up Program, designed to spread bulk diverse seeds in the community while educating on how to save, start, and store seeds.
  • How to allow yourself the freedom to flow with your changing passions instead of thinking you have to stay in the same place all the time.
  • About Greg’s in-person permaculture and fruit tree planting programs, and the analogous programs online.
  • How no one has a black thumb.
  • Why growing food in urban areas is the solution to America’s food and environmental problem.
  • How moving towards prosperity is different than moving away from scarcity, how being “for” something is different than being “against” something, and why that difference is so crucial.
  • How promoting urban gardening promotes happier people throughout the world.
  • How you only need a patio with sun to capture the joy of growing your own food.
  • What the 3 things in our culture are that cause 100% of the disease (and how gardening could be the answer to all of them).
  • What the real human super power is, and how the way you choose to use it creates your experience every day.
  • Why “choosing happy” is so hard.
  • Check out Greg’s interview of me about my school garden program on HIS Urban Farm podcast here.
  • Greg also featured me and my own front-yard garden on his Urban Farm featured farmer blog here!



About Greg

Greg Peterson in Garden - Urban Farm U

Greg has lived at the Urban Farm for almost 30 years.  His home was Phoenix’s first environmental showcase for urban farming.  This 1/3-acre yard features an entirely edible landscape, including over 70 fruit trees, rainwater and greywater harvesting, solar applications, and extensive use of reclaimed and recycled building materials. Greg is a longtime permaculture advocate, flunked out of university in 1981 because he was bored, then went back 20 years later to get a bachelor’s degree and a Masters in Urban and Environmental Planning in 2006.  He is a lifelong continual learner. On his days off he hangs out in his garden with his sweetheart Heidi and their chickens, creating new projects and catching some rays.





Body-typing: Ancient Wisdom to Balance Mind, Body and Spirit :064

Body-typing is Tara’s interpretation and integration of the ancient wisdom of using constitutional analysis to understand oneself more deeply

… and therefore gain awareness of how our own personal attributes can be used in the most productive way in order to create more peace with ourselves and with others. Tara Baklund, founder and creator of the Weight Free Wellness blog and podcast, teaches listeners how body-typing can be used to holistically find mind-body-spirit balance within, with others, and with the world. Tara shares wisdom that she gained during her healing journey, and how her struggles ultimately led her to use technology as a means of spreading a true holistic approach to wellness with others worldwide. Listeners will gain both philosophical and practical insight on how to use body-typing to cultivate more balance in all areas of their lives, including self-acceptance, food choices, relationship dynamics, and more.

In this podcast, Tara discusses:

  • The mission of the Weight Free Wellness podcast, and how technology can be used to more efficiently spread the word of wellness throughout the world
  • The meaning behind the title “Weight Free Wellness”, and how a mind-shift away from weight as a metric of health is crucial to the wellness movement
  • Why it’s important to “learn to live with our bodies rather than in them”
  • How “healing can and does happen in an instant”
  • How the spirit in which we approach healing greatly determines the success of our healing journey
  • How do use the ancient wisdom of body typing to find a balanced interaction with ourselves and with others at all levels of existence: mind, body, and spirit
  • To take Tara’s body-typing quiz to find out your unique body type and get a free e-course on how to use body-typing in your life.
  • To dive deeper into learning the skills in using your personal body-type to improve your self-understanding, food choices, relationships, and even decorating choices, you can purchase Tara’s body-typing book, You-niversal Self-Care: Improved Health Through Self-Understanding,  “A body love story.”


Contributing Podcaster, Lori Rose, PhD’s teaches

“Everything You Need to Know About Sun Health” 

Demo, e-booklet + 3 Recipes!

How much sun is ok?

What about kids?


Free for a limited time – Join us!

Learn more here.


About Tara

Tara BaklundTara Baklund is the founder and director of the Weight Free Wellness® Podcast platform. Her history of life-altering health issues lead her to seek natural solutions. Seeing others experience similar painful skin issues, disturbing digestive diseases, eating disorders and the mental and emotional disturbances that accompany these issues – Tara became deeply motivated to share what she learned from her journey to help others. Her book, You-niversal Self-care: Improved Health Through Self-Understanding tells her story. The book has been called, “A body love story” as it shares how we can stop the relationship of suffering so many have with their bodies and learn to love and appreciate it – and to find balance in the foods, exercises and habits that each Body-type desires. The Weight Free Wellness® Podcast is how Tara fulfills her calling of helping and inspiring others by sharing her message, continuing to learn from others and sharing stories of health and healing through podcasts as well as online classes along with the Weight Free Wellness® Contributing Podcasters. Tara is available for speaking engagements, interviews and consultations. Contact her and take the Body-typing Quiz at

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Weight Loss Success Story – 40lbs+ Kept off for 4+ Years – Bob Davis :029

In our first Success Story Bob Davis Shares how he Lost 40+ lbs and has Kept it off for over 4 years.

Weight Free Wellness is about promoting a healthy lifestyle; and certainly in many cases, healthy weight loss can make a huge improvement to one’s total health.



There is not a one-way path to weight loss.

Bob, a friend and fellow podcaster shares how he found his way to achieve and maintain weight loss. Bob’s a great conversationalist and we covered a number of topics. Watch or listen to the podcast for the complete and entertaining podcast! Here’s a summary:


Bob is a news and current events podcaster.

We discussed his recent visit to North Dakota and real coverage of the pipeline issue.


“What you think that you’re seeing is not what you’re seeing.” – Bob Davis

“The antidote to big media is citizen journalism.” – Bob Davis


Bob was exercising every day but that wasn’t the key to his weight loss

Walking everywhere, biking 16 miles, running, and a vigorous one and a half hour Bikram yoga class everyday did not cause Bob to lose weight.

“It’s a lifestyle choice. You can’t go on a diet.” – Bob Davis


The weight loss happened… the weight dropped off…

When Bob started eating low-carb (Atkins at the time).


Bob’s motivation for weight loss…

Was to be able to do yoga without a gut. (Thanks for being honest Bob!)



  • How this midwest native man (Bob) got into doing yoga (and improved the condition of his knees)!
  • How Bob manages eating right while on the road.
  • Bob answers: Do you fear regaining the weight?
  • We talked a bit about Body-typing. Take the Body-type Quiz in the sidebar.


“Weight is not the issue; it’s being healthy.” – Bob Davis

“You’re not targeting a body shape, you just want to be on an equilibrium with being healthy.” – Bob Davis

“You have to figure out what works for you.” – Bob Davis



Thanks for a great interview Bob!