Body-typing: Ancient Wisdom to Balance Mind, Body and Spirit :064

Body-typing is Tara’s interpretation and integration of the ancient wisdom of using constitutional analysis to understand oneself more deeply

… and therefore gain awareness of how our own personal attributes can be used in the most productive way in order to create more peace with ourselves and with others. Tara Baklund, founder and creator of the Weight Free Wellness blog and podcast, teaches listeners how body-typing can be used to holistically find mind-body-spirit balance within, with others, and with the world. Tara shares wisdom that she gained during her healing journey, and how her struggles ultimately led her to use technology as a means of spreading a true holistic approach to wellness with others worldwide. Listeners will gain both philosophical and practical insight on how to use body-typing to cultivate more balance in all areas of their lives, including self-acceptance, food choices, relationship dynamics, and more.

In this podcast, Tara discusses:

  • The mission of the Weight Free Wellness podcast, and how technology can be used to more efficiently spread the word of wellness throughout the world
  • The meaning behind the title “Weight Free Wellness”, and how a mind-shift away from weight as a metric of health is crucial to the wellness movement
  • Why it’s important to “learn to live with our bodies rather than in them”
  • How “healing can and does happen in an instant”
  • How the spirit in which we approach healing greatly determines the success of our healing journey
  • How do use the ancient wisdom of body typing to find a balanced interaction with ourselves and with others at all levels of existence: mind, body, and spirit
  • To take Tara’s body-typing quiz to find out your unique body type and get a free e-course on how to use body-typing in your life.
  • To dive deeper into learning the skills in using your personal body-type to improve your self-understanding, food choices, relationships, and even decorating choices, you can purchase Tara’s body-typing book, You-niversal Self-Care: Improved Health Through Self-Understanding,  “A body love story.”


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About Tara

Tara BaklundTara Baklund is the founder and director of the Weight Free Wellness® Podcast platform. Her history of life-altering health issues lead her to seek natural solutions. Seeing others experience similar painful skin issues, disturbing digestive diseases, eating disorders and the mental and emotional disturbances that accompany these issues – Tara became deeply motivated to share what she learned from her journey to help others. Her book, You-niversal Self-care: Improved Health Through Self-Understanding tells her story. The book has been called, “A body love story” as it shares how we can stop the relationship of suffering so many have with their bodies and learn to love and appreciate it – and to find balance in the foods, exercises and habits that each Body-type desires. The Weight Free Wellness® Podcast is how Tara fulfills her calling of helping and inspiring others by sharing her message, continuing to learn from others and sharing stories of health and healing through podcasts as well as online classes along with the Weight Free Wellness® Contributing Podcasters. Tara is available for speaking engagements, interviews and consultations. Contact her and take the Body-typing Quiz at


From Pain to Podcast :028


To put it simply, Pain Inspired this podcast

One thing I can say for sure; Your pain has a message for you!

At a young age I had experienced the type of health challenges that people many times my age might face due to prolonged stress and abuse to their bodies.

I’ve overcome the symptoms of Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Celiac Disease, and painful skin conditions. I treated my underlying nutritional deficiencies, resulting anxiety and depression, irregular menstrual cycles and more. Doctors were not readily diagnosing IBS and Celiac Disease at the time I was experiencing the height of my symptoms in the late 80’s. This is why I say “I experienced symptoms…” I found many more answers to my ailments as soon as I began researching and taking control of my own health.

As a young adult I endured painful hardships in relationships.

It was such an excruciating time; as they say, I would not wish this on my worst enemies. I address emotional and relationship health as a part of overall wellness because it has as much or more affect on us as diet, nutrition and exercise.

These hardships and overcoming made me stronger and wiser.

Having overcome great struggles myself, it is very difficult to see others feeling they are a victim of their own bodies and situations.

Naturally I am empathic person. I feel, to varying degrees, what others are experiencing. It was, and still is, very difficult to experience others’ suffering.

I knew I would contribute someday, somehow; to educate, up-lift and inspire others to overcome as well.

Ever since I was a teenager I had a growing desire – no it was a drive! – to discover and create what I could in order to help others.

This drive, this thing that was to become Weight Free Wellness hounded me to overcome, to discover, to create, to learn things I hated to do (technology) so that I would be prepared to receive the name “Weight Free Wellness” and to do something with it!


When it comes to helping people, there are a few routes (probably many) that one can go.

  • One is simply giving of oneself and giving resources in order to help.
  • Another is to teach.
  • One that is often overlooked; it can be misinterpreted as brute capitalism. They are those who create opportunities for others so they too feel they have a sense of meaning and purpose in this world.
  • And finally, there are those that shine the light.


Those who serve and give don’t always fit into just one of the above categories.

Indeed, this podcast, this entire Weight Free Wellness endeavor, fits into multiple categories and will grow and change.

The most valuable resource we have is time. I simply did not have enough time to educate and share with people what I had learned, and reach as many people as I wanted to help, by talking to one person at a time. I had to expand my reach. Hence, the podcast.


You learn to propel yourself when you read or listen to information.

There are times when we need to feel the direct power and passion by sitting across from someone as they share their experience and story. There is an initial high, but this can wear off. The most valuable tools for me have been those I could read and listen to over and over for education, support and inspiration. The most victorious achievements were those I accomplished by finding and assembling the puzzle pieces myself. Sure, I might have a mentor or guide who chimes in, to at times to shed some light, to teach, but not do for me what I could do for myself. As the saying goes, “…teach a man to fish…” Weight Free Wellness is about empowerment. We’ll help you find the puzzle pieces, we’ll even demonstrate how to put them together, but you are the only one who can put in the work.


Teachers all Around us

I used to feel overwhelmed thinking that I had to continue to be on the cutting edge of all health and wellness information; that I had to have all the information. What a relief when I realized that this is simply not possible. This is not where I thrive. I love to share, to help, to lift up and shine the light on others who are doing the amazing ground-breaking work. I love finding these people, learning what they do and creating a platform for them to share. Weight Free Wellness is about making your Wellness Journey simpler by helping you find the teachers and resources to help you on your way.


Connection and Opportunities

We are at an amazing time of technology and creation. Arguably, the most challenging of things these days is keeping up with all the information and opportunities available to us. I aspire to help connect those in need of valuable health-supporting resources with those brilliant people who dedicate their life’s work to creating the tools (even if this tool is themselves!) to help and heal others. Weight Free Wellness is about helping to create opportunities for those dedicated to teaching, providing services and creating healthy products by helping people connect.


Bringing it Together and Shedding Light

Through the pain and the victories of my own Wellness Journey I have learned many things: what to pack, which routes to take and in which season, whom to have as a companion along the way, and when to seek a guide. It is my absolute pleasure to empower others on their Journey in health, life… it all relates. Weight Free Wellness is about empowerment.


The Underlying Messages

There are threads that I tie into many of the posts and podcasts: here they are, if you haven’t noticed them already 🙂

  • Healing is possible
  • The Healing Journey can be simple.
  • Love yourself – develop self-compassion – you must begin here!
  • You can overcome whatever you’re going through – it’ll be worth it!
  • Sometimes you need to fight, sometimes you need to sit back… and at all times, Love.
  • You are loved… Love heals!


Watch, Listen, Read… Enjoy!


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Your Body is a Messenger :025

Your Body is a Messenger, but not Just any Messenger

Your body is your specific, personally issued messenger! You have yours, others have theirs.

Your body is always communicating to you.

Listen to what it has to say.


It starts with whispers…

“Feed me.” “I need water.” “Don’t consume that again.” or “I want more of that.”


If we cannot hear, or we ignore the whispers, the messages from our body become more firm, and the physical signs more obvious…

“I cannot take that in!”  I cannot handle any more of that!” “Get me out of this situation!”

…you may find the body actually preventing you from taking in foods, or moving in unusual and uncomfortable ways to prevent you from causing more harm.


Lastly, the body cries out. We reach a crisis point.

The body may become injured. Disease may manifest. Things get out of our control.

For your body, it was never about control. The body doesn’t want to do battle. It doesn’t want to struggle with you. It just needs you to listen, so you can live in harmony.


Your body is not an object… it is your constant companion.

Listen, hear and fulfill the requests for water and clean, whole foods.

Respond when it says in the many ways that it can, “Let’s go!” “Let’s move!” or, “This form of exercise does not benefit us. This may work for Jenny, but it does not work for me!”

Listen with your heart when it says “I cannot endure this any longer.”


You are dependent on one another

Despite what disease or ailment you’re experiencing, even if it seems like your body is trying to hurt you… it’s not.

There are messages and lessons everywhere in life. Your body will relay many of these messages! Learn the lessons coming through your body! The sooner the better.


Work with your body, not on it.


Listen to your body’s messages; it’s trying to help you!


Being Overweight, Bullies, IBS and Anorexia Made me Stronger :002

Being overweight, dealing with bullies and IBS (at the same time) and later anorexia was not comfortable…

…so why would I want to bring it up now? To help others in similar times of need.


I’ve put off sharing these stories for years.


Why? Because to tell the message that’s really deep inside of me; born of gut-wrenching emotional hardships and puzzling physical-health obstacles… I have to be real.


Being real and telling the truth are not easy. I don’t mean the plain truths; I mean the real truth where I don’t put up a veil, put on a mask, or just stay “politely” quiet.


So, to say the least, this is really awkward; to be on camera, talking about myself, figuratively and literally nearly naked.


***Learning to create a podcast is a bit like learning to ride a bike. You can observe, take instruction from those who’ve done it- but the first several attempts are going to be wobbly and might make you gasp! We’ll get the hang of this sooner than later. Please be patient as we get this thing going smoothly! Thanks!***



I’m creating this podcast because over my years of my personal Wellness Journey and through consulting others I’ve learned so much; and I want to continue to learn and help others!


By sharing my research, resources, and experiences through the enjoyable medium of conversation and podcasting, I get to do what satiates my desires to learn more and help others.


I started this process several years ago with my first book You-niversal Self-care: Improved Health Through Self-Understanding, teaching the ancient wisdom of Body-typing. Earth, Fire, Air and Water are the elements I use as metaphors to help people understand their body and environment, including relationships.

Since then I’ve felt the deep desire to contribute more, and help people gain Self-Empowerment and Self-Compassion.



At about 12 minutes into the recording  I’m more settled into talking to the camera and share significant experiences that cultivated me to be able to teach this material.



Significant Experiences I Highlight in this Podcast:

  • I was blessed with an unhealthy body as a youngster. Yes, I said “blessed”. Because I was significantly overweight and larger than my classmates (I weighed over 100 pounds as a 3rd-grader when my classmates weighted 60 pounds on average.) I am able to deeply empathize with those who are overweight, feel the pressures from multiple directions to be a “normal” weight, and to simply fit in; not to mention to just fit into normal clothes!
  • The truth is, bullies make you tougher… I don’t condone bullying, but today I thank mine. They prepared me for bigger bullies!
  • Through this experience I also learned that focusing on weight was not the answer, and by focusing on weight, I actually put more figurative weight on myself; the weight on one’s shoulders, so-to-speak.
  • If I were a youngster with the same conditions living in the time with knowledge we have today, I believe I would have been diagnosed with Celiac Disease and Irritable Bowels Syndrome.
  • Eating disorders are no joke. When I experienced anorexia I was trying to re-create myself. I wanted to fit-in and be accepted. I felt terrible. I had no energy. I was starving my body, and the essence of myself. I lost site of life, having fun and being me.



By the way, posting this video of me in my bathing suit is not comfortable. As I said before, it’s very metaphoric of how nearly-naked I feel in just beginning to talk about some topics that I feel very vulnerable in talking about.

I’m normally rather reserved.

But, from my experience, I know how motivating it can be to see that someone else has achieved the goals that I desire. It’s like a sign saying, “It’s possible. You can do it too!”

While I do not promote physical image to be the end-all-be-all goal, a natural byproduct of leading a healthy life is looking good/healthy!

I’m doing what’s uncomfortable to me because my goal is to help people be more comfortable with themselves and more Self-Loving.

So, if this helps you feel more inspired that you can overcome too – here you go!

I want this to be a healthy form of motivation.

It’s about Self-Love… Sounds narcissistic, doesn’t it?

Don’t let this thought stop you! (Like it did to me for many years!)

The degree to which you can love yourself, you can love others. It sounds cheesy, but it’s true!

This ties into later podcasts on the topic of relationships I will do later with my hubby.


Ok… back to…

Significant memories from being anorexic- the turning points:

  • While literally starving myself I would make myself exercise. I played basketball at the time; not because I enjoyed it or was interested in it really, but because it was an activity I could involve myself in in order to exercise, burn more calories during the day, and avoid my parents seeing what was really going on.  Because my body was weak and I lacked energy, I would fall on the basketball court often.
  • I remember one final fall –it must have been right before I quit– when I heard, I mean really heard, my legs impact the hardwood floor. My knees sounded eerily hollow. It occurred to me then, that I felt as hollow as my body sounded physically. At that moment I felt sad and sensed empathy for myself.
  • Around the same time there were two people who’s simple, genuine inquiries of “Are you ok?” showed the care and concern I must have needed. I didn’t feel like I needed attention at the time, but these gestures of concern helped me to see that I deserved to give myself more care and concern. These two people were a teacher and an aunt.


What I learned about Healthy Self-Image, from the Oprah show

Around this same time, it was a typical routine for me to arrive at home, turn on the t.v. to watch a bit of an afternoon talk-show before doing homework and having dinner. Oftentimes I would decide on the Oprah show. That particular day she had on a guest who gave tips on developing healthy self-image. I am paraphrasing from memories nearly 20 years old…

“… Stand in front of the mirror naked. Pick out one thing you can genuinely love and admire about yourself. Keep doing this day-after-day. There will be a point where you will begin to see other things you can love and appreciate about yourself. It may take days or even months, but soon this self-love and appreciation will increase.”

Well, it sounded crazy at the time. And I felt so tremendously uncomfortable doing it, but at a time when I needed healthy Self-image the most- I gave it a try!

And, it works… really!



When you appreciate one thing in life or about yourself, it creates a healthy habit making it so much easier to appreciate many other things in life.

Then… life just get better and better!

What is concerning you? What steps are you taking?

It took me nearly 20 years to get to a point in my Wellness Journey where I feel healthy… it can happen much faster for you!

In future episodes we’ll continue to cover the plethora of information on health and wellness that’s available, and most of all, how to sort it out!

Comment and share!

Love,  Tara Baklund