Trump – A Natural Fire-type Body-type: Bonus Episode 1

Trump – a Natural Fire-type

Trump is such a good example of a Fire-type from his ruddy complexion to his short, direct comments and his innate constructive and destructive abilities.


***I am not taking sides here. My objective with these bonus episodes is to provide insight to how Body-typing can help us with a broader perspective from health – and in today’s episode – to politics. Also, I typically don’t go anywhere close to politics, but this is too good of an example to ignore this topic!***


Original (Photo by Jae C. Hong/AP)


Fire is very appealing and even necessary for survival.

We need it to keep warm, cook food, propel our gas and electric powered vehicles; from the stirring of digestion and the activation of muscles: these are all examples of the metaphoric sense of Fire in our lives.

Fire is uncomfortable though when we get too close or it gets out of hand: scorching from the fire, burnt food, misdirected power, overactive digestion, in-flame-d muscles, etc.


Our country was founded by Fiery individuals.

This Body-type has the innate desire to explore, overcome and innovate. By contrast, an Earth-type would rather stay home and will deal with the lot they were given (literally in the historical sense) just to stay reasonably comfortable. A Fire-type will not put up with much bull, and will institute change.


Characteristics of Fire:

  • Tenacity
  • Destructive and Creative (As Traditional Chinese Medicine principles illustrate that sometimes the fire is necessary to clear the way for the new growth.)
  • Trail-blazing
  • Burning the candle at both ends
  • Direct
  • Creates boundaries/can also seem like divides
  • Intense
  • Focused
  • Others nearby can really “feel the heat”
  • Principled
  • Leader
  • Not afraid of confrontation (may often seek it)
  • many more…


‘It takes one to know one.’

At the end of the second debate each candidate was asked to share something that they respect about the other.

Hillary said, “I respect his children… His children are incredibly able and devoted, and I think that says a lot about Donald.” (A very Earth-type comment.) (Cited from USA Today.)

Trump responded, “She doesn’t quit,” he said. “She doesn’t give up, I respect that.” (Cited from USA Today.)


Fire-types come in all shapes and sizes.

It takes a particularly strong and determined person to withstand the grueling schedule (burning the candle at both ends) to not only become a candidate and then be elected- but to be willing to take on the monumental task of being President!

Like I said before, Fire is comfortable until you get too close. Some people are more comfortable with being near the heat, “playing with fire” or even initiating fire more than others. During “heated” elections like these we notice our fire being stirred more than usual, as it takes fire to initiate fire – even if by a lot of friction!


Are you feeling “fired-up” about this election season?

Does this feel uncomfortable to you? (Then you’re likely not so naturally “Fiery” yourself.)

The solution I have is not oriented around a single candidate, but it is oriented around a single person… YOU!


  • Understand your Body-type!
  • Are you in or out of balance? (You are at your best when you’re in balance, so why not strive for this!)
  • What are your weaknesses and strengths?



One Body-type is not better than the other; like the unique ecosystem of the ocean,

we each play our role. 

Learn more about Body-typing in my book,

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