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When to do Online Yoga and Why to go to a Yoga Studio :017

It’s convenient to take an online yoga class…

…but I much prefer going to a warm, cozy studio with a great yoga instructor to guide me through a yoga practice. No distractions. No problems.

Sometimes the time and financial resources it takes to go to a studio are limited. In this case online yoga classes can sound appealing, but are they right for you?

As I began taking online yoga classes it occurred to me that I take a lot of my advanced training and yoga history for granted. As I modify poses for what I need and want, it occurs to me that online classes are convenient, but perhaps not ideal for everyone.

If you’re wondering which is better for you, here are my thoughts:


When to do Online Yoga - Why to go to a Yoga Studio

Online Yoga:

Online yoga is great if you have a foundational understanding of the basic poses.

It saves time having to drive to and from a studio, unless you can go on the way to or from work!

If you have little ones at home, paying for a babysitter and yoga classes may not only be time-consuming but pinch the budget a bit. Squeeze in an online class when you can or get the kids involved!

If you’re the type who can commit to a regular workout routine, online yoga, available whenever you are, may be just the right match.

Studio Yoga:

In my opinion, beginning students really should go to a yoga studio to gain basic instruction from a knowledgable and experienced instructor who can monitor you and teach safety while moving through and holding yoga postures. This isn’t about creating “the perfect pose,” it’s for your safety. Yoga is a more gentle form of body movement than most (depending on the style of yoga) but the repetitive movements can still strain and harm the body over time if not done properly.

For intermediate and advanced students it is helpful to go in for “check-ups.” It’s easy to develop bad habits. Something as simple as keeping your elbows in (which easily creep out) can help prevent painful elbow problems.

Sometimes when you need “space” it helps to grab a yoga mat, humbly claim your area, and take a mini-vacation in your bubble of space and time. Get lost in the music and movement. No cares. No distractions.

There is so much behind what goes into a yoga class that a teacher just can’t get into while teaching a regular class. Most studios offer workshops to learn more which can help you gain even more from your regular classes!

By going to a yoga studio you support a local business. It’s a feel-good moment for everyone!

Lastly, I recommend taking classes at a yoga studio if you have a hard time committing to yourself. If new routines are difficult, I highly recommend buying a punchcard and committing to taking a regular class. Start with one class per week if that’s where you need to start. For some Body-types, having a healthy group atmosphere with caring people whom you enjoy seeing and who extol how much they’ve missed you when you’re gone is a helpful start to committing to a yoga practice- especially the Earth-type and Water-type. (Body-typing book here. Take the Body-type Quiz in the sidebar.)


As you can see, I’m a big fan of Studio Yoga, but I’ve experience that Online Yoga fills a significant need and is helpful as well.